Cumberland Council E-news 17 June 2016

B erala Town Centre gets an Upgrade

Cumberland Council will be commencing streetscape improvement works along Woodburn Road in Berala Village later this year. The works will include new street trees, landscaping, street furniture, new footpath paving, a bubbler, public toilets and improved pedestrian safety. 

The Administrator of Cumberland Council, Viv May said the upgrades would be "a great addition to Woodburn road which will enhance the charming village atmosphere of Berala Town Centre as well as providing a more contemporary feel and a safer area for pedestrians."

To learn more about what the upgrade consists of please call 9735 1222.

PCYC Auburn Open for the Whole Community


Cumberland Council Administrator Viv May participated in the official launch of the Auburn PCYC along with the Governor of NSW, His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley on 8 June. The Centre is currently the biggest of its kind in NSW and has plenty of facilities, programs and activities for locals to enjoy. Cumberland Council E news recently spoke with the Manager of the Centre, Lewis Whales, about the many benefits PCYC Auburn has to offer:

How many members have signed up since PCYC Auburn opened for Business?

We have already signed up over 600 members so far across the club.

What services and programs do you currently offer and what do you have planned for the future?

So far we offer school holiday programs and after school sport for indoor soccer, gymnastics, boxing for fitness and multisport. We have a fully equipped commercial gym which is no doubt Cumberland Council's hidden gem for those serious about sport and fitness. We also have a youth hub with free wifi, table tennis, pool and xbox. Very shortly we will be starting Futsal and Netball competitions as well as venue hire for Badminton. We are also open to new opportunities for programs that meet community needs.

How much is it to join and are there any age restrictions or other criteria?

It is only $10 per year for under 18s and $20 per year for adults to join the club. There are no restrictions, anyone can join the club. Our youngest member is currently 2 and I'm not game enough to guess the age of our oldest member.

Why should local young people join up? What are the benefits?

There is so much to do and it is always a fun place to hang out. Our youth hub is free for members and is open from 6am-10pm. Most days we also offer free Friday night drop-in sports for youth including soccer, basketball, youth hub activities and a free feed.

What facilities do you have? Can non-members use/book them?

Our facilities include 2 multipurpose sports courts, 1 small meeting room, 1 large meeting room, 2 multipurpose rooms, a gymnastics room and a fully equipped gym. We are a members only facility and there are very few exceptions to that but our memberships are really great value!

How can people sign up?

Signing up is easy, simply come in have a look around and it only takes about 3-4 minutes to sign up.

Refugee Week Activities in Cumberland
Refugee Week kicks off this Sunday and there are a number of local events being held across Cumberland in order  to raise awareness about the issues affecting refugees and to celebrate the pos itive contributions made by refugees to our local community.

You could learn how to cook exciting foods at one of our Refugee Week Cooking Classes or join the multicultural crew of Granville Library for the free screening of the Australian Stories - Colourfest Film Festival which includes  a morning tea with multicultural  flavours. There will  also  be a Celebration of Refugees event held in  Wentworthville with  cultural  performances and refugee success stories plus many more events across the local area. 

Refugee Week runs from 19 June until 25 June.  For more information and the full program of events running  during  Refugee Week please click here. 
Auburn Giants on ABC's Compass Program

The Auburn Giants are a local AFL team primarily made up of local Muslim Women who, after only five years, went from being beginners to sitting on top of their competition table with the ultimate aim of winning the Grand Final. ABC's Compass program aired a terrific story this weekend about the team, the obstacles they faced and the extraordinary journey they undertook to be where they are today. You can learn about their wonderful story by watching the full program here.

Fridge Buyback Program

Getting rid of your spare old fridge or upright freezer is one of the easiest steps you can take to cut your power bills.  Inefficient second fridges and freezers are one of the home's biggest energy guzzlers, consuming up to three times the energy of new fridges.

The Fridge Buyback program will actually pay you to reduce your power bills and help save the environment and will take your old fridge or upright freezer off your hands. The appliances are professionally degassed and the metals recycled. 

To participate, your fridge or upright freezer must be a working, second appliance that has been in regular use and is 200 litres (7.06 cubic feet) or more in volume. 

Collections are run every few weeks. For more information and to book a collection, please call 1800 708 401.

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