Cumberland Council E-news 28 October 2016

Do I have asbestos on my property? What can I do about it?

Asbestos is a serious issue which is still present around the  Cumberland  Local  Government Area. November is Asbestos Awareness month and Council will be providing a range of services to help all residents safely identify and dispose of any asbestos which may be on their property or around their area.
  • You can find out how to safely identify, remove and dispose of asbestos in your own home at two free information sessions.
  • Organise a free safe collection and disposal of small amounts of loose bonded asbestos sheets that may be in the garage, under your house or anywhere on your property.
  • Get a free 45 minute household inspection by occupational hygienist specialists and learn exactly how to find the asbestos in your home.
Spaces are limited so for more information and to get involved in Asbestos Awareness Month please click here. 

Indonesian Art Emerging: A new Exhibition at the Peacock Gallery

You're invited to the launch of a brand new exhibition at the Peacock Gallery which showcases a range of creative, contemporary pieces from a combination of Indonesian and Australian designers, with a sustainable edge. The exhibition will run from 28 October to 27 November with the launch event being held on Saturday 5 November 2016, which will include a performance by Suara Indonesia, a special talk by the curator Alexandra Crosby and an interactive workshop by artist Aris Prabawa.
The exhibition focuses on the re-use of materials to create fascinating items that celebrate Indonesian culture and creativity such as a bicycle made of bamboo, jewellery made from the tubes of bicycles, radios made from wood and Indonesian banners created to save waterways. Much of the work was inspired by the transformation of the local Duck River from an industrial wasteland into the beautiful Auburn Botanic Gardens.
A number of workshops will be delivered over the course of the exhibition, many as a part of National Recycling Week. The workshops will have a focus on recycled art, the many ways to recycle and the importance of our local rivers. Guided school and public exhibition tours will also be on offer.
For more information please click here. 
Community Banquets in Western Sydney 

This October, immerse yourself in the delicious food, rich culture and generous spirit of some of our Western Sydney communities. Book your tickets and bring your friends along to a meal you won't find anywhere else in Sydney, made and served with love by a collection of communities based in and around Auburn.
This weekend you can enjoy a delicious dinner from Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone featuring jollof rice, cassava leaf fish, homemade ginger beer and enjoy cultural and musical performances from the African Hunting and Drumming Group. On Sunday you can participate in a four course multicultural high tea with hot beverages and sweets or get involved in a Middle Eastern feast for the senses when Arabian Nights meets Prince of Persia next Thursday.
To register for any of the above and for food tours and cooking classes please click here.

Graffiti Removal Day

Join hundreds of volunteers on Sunday 30 October to clean up our beautiful city from graffiti on Graffiti Removal Day. Graffiti vandalism costs New South Wales over $100 million per year. Click here  for more information on how you can register lend a helping hand.

Fridge Buyback Scheme

Fridge Buyback actually pays you to reduce your power bills and help save the environment by giving up your old second fridge or upright freezer. Getting rid of your spare old fridge or upright freezer is one of the easiest steps you can take to cut your power bills.

Inefficient second fridges and freezers are one of the home's biggest energy guzzlers, consuming up to three times the energy of new fridges. Running a second fridge adds an average of $300 a year to your power bills and results in greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.
The appliances are professionally degassed and the metals recycled.
To participate, your fridge or upright freezer must be a working, second appliance that has been in regular use and is 200 litres (7.06 cubic feet) or more in volume.
Fridges and freezers will be collected and a $25 rebate is paid if the removal involves stairs with six steps or less.
There are regular collection runs every few weeks. Call 1800 708 401 to book or see for more information. 

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