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Felicity Fin, Editor

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During the current health crisis, people's shopping patterns have changed, so we are temporarily changing our shopping hours as follows:

MONDAY: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm
TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: 9:30 am - 6:00 pm
THURSDAY & FRIDAY: 9:30 - 6:30 PM
SATURDAY 9:30 - 5:30
We will be closed on Sundays, and close a half hour earlier on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will maintain normal hours on Thursday and Friday during Lent. 

SENIORS: Senior discount days are Sunday and Monday, so we would like to encourage our senior (over 65) customers to come in on Monday mornings before noon, and for our non-senior customers to come in later in the day Monday, to give seniors a feeling of greater security.
     Seniors, please remember to ask for your discount, we don't want to ask anyone's age. Stay healthy!  
We've been getting phone calls from people asking if we're open, and if we have fish. Yes to both questions. With restaurants closed, we should have plenty of fish, though perhaps not from Europe because of lack of flights. 
     To ease the concerns of our customers and lessen risk to our staff, we are now offering the following special services:
1) Pre-paid phone orders with a credit card - we will have them ready when you arrive, no waiting. 630-887-4700. Just grab and go.
2) FREE CURB PICK-UP - Order with a credit card and tell us if you want it brought out to your car - just call as you arrive in front of the store and tell us what you're driving.
3) Phone orders, pay at pick-up. You still pay at the register, but your order is ready to go. 
     Want your fish for later? Ask us to wrap it for freezing. 
     Of course, you can just come in and shop as usual - we are constantly wiping down store surfaces, keeping things as pristine as possible. We hope that if you are not feeling well, or if you've been exposed to the virus, that you will take advantage of the curbside pickup.
     We also have our prepared foods available for delivery through Doorddash - not our raw items, but sandwiches, soup, cooked entrees, prepared salads and side dishes.  Click Here for DoorDash deliveries. You'll see the menu on their site. Sale prices are not available on DoorDash orders, as they take a large fee.

Stay safe! We love our customers.    
Alaskan fishing boats are out at sea, catching a lot of people's favorite springtime fish - as always, the start of the season means that supply is limited and price isn't cheap.  Treat yourself - call to reserve some, 630-887-4700.
We hope all our customers are staying safe during this health crisis. We plan on staying open to supply you with great fresh fish until we can emerge into the sunshine again. We will get through this, if we all work together. Stay safe.
Was $14.95/lb. SALE $12.95/lb.
Natives of Iceland depend on their cod catch, so they manage their fishery with extreme care. Fresh Icelandic cod is a tasty mild fish the whole family will enjoy - check out our favorite  Cod Recipes Here.  
We love it baked with Lemon Dill Sauce and our fresh Bruschetta or Pico de Gallo. 

Was $25.95/lb SALE $22.95/lb.
A fisherman's favorite, we like our walleye lightly breaded and sauteed in olive oil and some of our special Herb Butter, or bake it in the oven with some of our Artichoke Pesto. Yummy however you cook it. Want to relive your last fishing trip? Coat it in some of our Shore Lunch breading mix. 
6 oz. Reg. $6.95/each SALE $6/each
8 oz. Reg. $8.95/each SALE $8/each
Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets from the Canadian coast - great in so many recipes! Check out our favorite  Great baked with some of our Spice House spices - back in stock.There's even one specifically for salmon. 
Salmon Recipes HERE.