March 2018
Universal Design Bathroom
Project of the Month
Planning ahead for a Montclair couple to age in place (many years from now!) with a curbless shower in this small but stylish bath.
Awesome Lighting
This bathroom was part of a large renovation project combining two condos. We had fun with the lighting in this project! Here are two of the funky, fun shapes we used. The aptly named "Lily Pad" is the bathroom wall light and "White Flower" is the ceiling light you saw in last month's featured laundry room. Click on each one to link to more information on
Moss Bath Mat
Green Design & Mindful Living
Nguyen La Chanh designed this living moss bath mat as a student project in 2015. It combines 3 types of moss (ball, island and forest) and uses no soil, rather absorbs humidity from the air and water dripping from your body.

So cool! Sadly, I can't find it for sale anywhere.