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Yesterday, I turned off all the lights and locked up - in the middle of the day, while fighting back tears. Celebrating 25 years in Streetsville this year, I was looking back on other challenging times we faced as a community; all of which Crafted Decor became a respite for customers who just wanted to get away for a few minutes to an inviting, calming environment. I have never had to shut my doors - but it is for the greater good and for the health of you and my team.

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I have attached below the LATEST NEWSLETTER that was sent out a few weeks ago, it gives you information on all sorts of new products that came in and links directly into shopping.


Having spent the month of January travelling from trade shows to showrooms on a mission to find the best, unique, useful and on trend items for our customers; it is super exciting to see shipments arriving. This newsletter is filled with what's new at Crafted Decor . While it may be long, it is broken into categories (we prefer to send less frequent newsletters, with more content); so that you can discover products, that by themselves on a shelf, are like needles in a haystack.
Highlighted are: shipments of brand new arrivals, as well as new introduction and replenishing of best sellers and customer favourites.

For those of you who return each season for fashion; there is a full selection of spring/summer cloths in stock now. There is lots of linen and most of the collection is made in Italy; especially exciting for those of you travelling to warmer weather! Come and visit the collections early, while the variety and size range is best .

To make shopping more convenient for you, we continue to ADD more and more best selling products to the online store (just click on the SHOP buttons throughout this newsletter). THANK YOU to those who placed orders on those blistering cold days of winter (pick up or shipping), it is really helpful to small businesses in BIAs to have sales on days where no one wants to be outside.
Many items in this newsletter are available ONLINE,
shop in the convenience of your own home.
You can also buy gifts for loved ones near and far and have them delivered straight to THEIR door.

Jude's Miracle Cloth
*TOP SELLER* Made from the finest European microfibre. 

1 Jude's Miracle Cloth = 22 rolls of paper towels. Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals and paper towels goodbye. Jude's Miracle Cloth will clean better than all of them. Guaranteed.
Not to mention the amount of time, and frustration you will save getting that perfect finish.

Jude's Miracle Cloth Screen and Lens Wipes
The same premium quality Jude's Miracle Cloth in a convenient size.
Instantly remove greasy fingerprints and dirt from your cell phone, tablet, computer screen, eye glasses, sunglasses, camera lenses etc....
Use dry or for a deep clean, use wet

World's Finest Pot Scrubber
Skip the harsh chemicals, no scratches, no food buildup, no odours. Environmentally friendly and removes most stains and debris with just water.

This family owned business started manufacturing in Poland in 1976, with Canadian relatives importing into Canada starting in 1980. Crafted Decor has been proud to be carrying the ORIGINAL (and best) scrubby for close to 20 years.

Uses in kitchen, bathroom, garden, and even for refinishing.

Maison Berger
Many of you enjoy this top selling line that has been available at Crafted Decor for 20 years. While many of you have bought this line because friends/family have recommended it based on its ability to remove household odours, or simply because of their fragrances; please remember that the origins of Lampe Berger was as a medical device to kill airborne bacteria . It is not necessary to use a lot of fragrance if you want to use it to purify your indoor air during flu season; you can use Neutral fuel (unscented) on its own or to dilute a fragrance.

We are all anticipating the arrival of spring. Scent is a very powerful sense that can induce an uplifting mood; why not try one of Maison Berger many spring/summer scents? Whether you invoke thoughts of spring through floral scents, clean scents, or citrus; Crafted Decor is CANADA'S LARGEST RETAILER, so you have every scent (70+) to choose from; including these 3 new scents.
Eternal Sap
Hibiscus Love
Fresh Wood

Clarity Collection
These stunning and timeless catalytic lamps feature a diamond shape pattern detail on the body and a coordinating, and equally impressive shiny metal diffuser. The darker or frosted finish on the upper portion of this vessel creates an ombre effect that only accentuates the diamond pattern at the bottom.

Designed for Maison Berger by Sylvie de France. Passionate about beauty, she has worked with for some of the most well know rads in the sector (ie, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Lolita Lempicka, and Nina Ricci to name a few).
Clarity Bordeaux Lampe
Clarity Frosted Lampe
Clarity Grey Lampe
Matali Collection
Designed by well-known contemporary designer Matali Crasset, these art deco inspired lamps seem to transcend time in Maison Berger's history taking on a traditional feel of long ago while still creating modern industrial style. This Matali Collection is a Gift Set that includes a 250ml bottle of Eternal Sap.

Matali Crasset, is a French designer that has worked in fields from stage production and furniture, to graphic design and interior architecture. Some of her designs are present in the MoMo in New York.
Matali Crasset Chestnut Lampe
Matali Crasset
Clear Lampe
Matali Crasset
Blue Lampe
Metali Car Diffuser
The car diffuser sports a new, square design with patterns that recall the weaving technique, designed by Matali Crasset. Its shiny chrome finish is a great addition and statement to your car. This gift set comes with a scent cartridge of Eternal Sap fragrance.
Ice Cube Gift Set
A touch of sweetness and poetry in a timeless cube shape dressed in a soft colour. Includes 250ml Hibiscus Love fragrance delivering its fruity scents of green apple, its Hibiscus floral and its amber notes settles in softly. Full of lightness and cheerfulness. The perfect harmony.
Michele Designs
Lemon Basil Collection
A returning favourite, for both pattern and scent. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, entertaining, and hostess gifts. Available in foaming hand soap & napkin set, room spray, dish soap (NEW), tea towel, paper placements, and platters.
Honey and Clover Collection
A beautiful seasonal design, and a sophisticated scent which evokes the warmth of summer and the buzz of busy bees.
Scent: Floral honey with touches of orange flower and cinnamon.

Available in foaming hand soap, soap & napkin set, room spray, soap bar, napkins.
Crackling Wood Fire Candle
What is more welcoming than a great smelling real wood fire scent to feel cozy on a cold evening? These wood wick soy candles can fill your home with the scent of a wood burning fireplace for 60 hours of burning time--no soot cleaning required. The candle makes the crackling sound effect too!

Night Lights

Another returning best seller, these night lights are attractive. and functional. Many customers have repeatedly given these out as an impressive and unique hostess gift.
Gift boxed with extra bulb included.
Tropical Nightlight
Bird Nightlight
City Nightlight
Tree Nightlight
Owl Nightlight
Dammit Dolls
THIS is an item for adults and children alike - anyone needing an outlet! Use it for yourself or give it to someone who is stressed out and needs a good laugh.

FarmHouse Fresh
This professional skincare line:
✨ is used in luxury spas across North America,
✨has been featured on Oprah's O-list twice,
✨AND consistently voted in the TOP 5 skincare lines in the US (voted by spas, hotel, and resorts). ⠀

Escape the winter blues and pamper yourself with luxury products. ⠀
Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic
For instantly flawless complexion, this alcohol-free tonic smoothes skin, boosts moisture content, and provides vital nourishment from organic aronia berries – a miracle fruit with one of the highest antioxidant contents ever recorded. A natural filter effect helps make pores appear as if they never existed at all. Visibly reduces the look of fine lines.
Chocolate Fig Vitamin Recovery Serum
Envelop your skin in infinite softness that leaves you irresistibly supple. This ultra-hydrating, instantly renewing serum is brimming with organic California figs, cocoa and Texas wildflower honey. It is an antioxidant and nutrient cocktail that glides over skin and thoroughly absorbs.
Three Milk Ageless Sleep Cream with Peptides
This wonder milk is uniquely rich and intensely hydrating, with a time-release delivery system of pure form retinol. Many retinol products cause redness and irritation. Not Three Milk Ageless Night Cream. The slow-release system ensures it delivers softness, illumination, firmness and more - without the side effects normally associated with pure form retinol.
FarmHouse Fresh - Returning Favourites...
Moon Dip
Back To Youth
Ageless Body Mousse
Its gorgeous, powder-soft texture is simply magical, and matched by its delivery of uncompromising youth from top performing peptides that visibly firm the look of skin over time. It loves neck lines and sun-kissed chests, arms, and legs, smoothing the look of wrinkles and dull, uneven textures.

Made in the USA and used in prestigious spas around the world.
Honey Heel Glaze
This divine honey-based serum seals in moisture and brings rich colour back to tired feet. It's been called the Instant Pedicure. Simply brush on and rub into feet for chalkless bliss - no more white ashy look--works on cracked knuckles too.

Fragranced with velvety cinnamon notes, sweet cloves and actual honey. Includes application brush and box.
Sweet Cream Body Milk
This delicate moisturizer pours over you like milk, and leaves light velvety notes of warm sweet cream. A true treat to moisturize each morning.

Sweet Cream Body Milk is infused with a blend of natural oils that provide lasting softness to skin: Vitamin E-rich Rice Bran oil, Jajoba Seed oil, Sweet Almond, Avocado and Sesame.
Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer
A bestseller that makes both a daily and long-term difference. Three botanical milks help calm skin; coconut milk, with its high fat content is moisturizing and soothing, milk thistle contains silymarin, a powerhouse antioxidant that helps relieve dry skin itching, and milk vetch, a plant extract that purifies skin. It feels instantly firming, and within weeks our advanced peptide visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkle surface area by up to 45%.
Body Oils

This beautiful vitamin-rich body oil will bring an instantly silky, soothing feel to skin. It can be used in bath water or apply directly to skin as a light but deeply hydrating body oil. Gives a nice shimmering glow without feeling greasy.
Agave Nectar Ageless
Body Oil
*NEW* Vanilla Bourbon Body Oil
Honey-Magnolia Body Oil
Quinsyberry Botanical Body Oil
This holiday, FarmHouse Fresh purchases saved a beautiful pony named Mr. Huckleberry (aka Huck). Just THE cutest little 10-year-old Shetland pony who's joined the herd of FHF Sanctuary rescues. Take a look at the video for more.
4Ocean Bracelets
4Ocean started with Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper on a trip to Bali, Indonesia .  They were inspired from witnessing fisherman pushing through mounds of plastic in the ocean to get their fishing boats to more open waters. 4ocean claims to have removed more than eight million pounds of waste from the various oceans and coastlines since its inception and over 200 people are employed by this not for profit company.

It's a WIN, WIN, WIN...
In an effort to prevent more plastic from going into the ocean they create these statement bracelets... Your bracelet purchase helps fund the effort to clean the oceans (one pound of trash is pulled from the ocean and coastlines for every product purchased)...people from Bali are employed to assemble the products.

You may be familiar with 4Ocean through their huge social media presence. Wearing the 4ocean Bracelet instantly identifies you as a member of the clean ocean movement and symbolizes your commitment to a plastic-free ocean.

  • Cord made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean plastic
  • Clear glass beads made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass bottles, including less than 5% reclaimed ocean glass
  • Stainless steel 4ocean charm
  • Hand assembled in Bali
  • Unisex, waterproof design
Scrunchies are BACK in style and more popular than ever. In the past year, scrunchies sold eight times faster (in the accessories industry) than the overall category of hair accessories and styling products, affirming their fashion comeback.

Aid Through Trade Roll On Bracelets
Aid Through Trade's Roll-On Bracelet is ethically crafted in Nepal, India. As one of the founding members of the Fair Trade Federation, Aid Through Trade was started in 1993 by a former Peace Corps Volunteer. Their mission was to to bring Fair Trade to the fashion world through the design of beautiful jewelry while empowering the lives of women through ethical, fair, and sustainable employment. Today, they are one of the leaders in the fair trade fashion industry and employ about 200 female artisans in Nepal.

Aid Through Trade is the original creator of the famous  Roll-On ® Bracelet. All of the bracelets are made with the highest quality glass beads and carry a lifetime guarantee. The best part of their designs are that they make numerous styles in each colour collection so you can were them individually or easily stack them. Because they are glass, you can get them wet and they an be worn on hot days, by the pool, or IN the pool.

March is women's month- Look fashionable
and help other women too

K. Carroll
Cross Body Bag
This female owned and operated company that has received lots of media coverage for their well designed handbags, including being one of Oprah's Favourite Things 2018.

This best-selling cross body a returning favourite. RFID (radio-frequency identification) protected card slots ensure your privacy. Great for travel or a night out.

Big enough to fit your lipstick, cards, money and more. Includes a carabiner clip, belt strap, AND detachable straps - the versatility is endless. Available in different on-trend colours.
  • Front flap closure with tassel
  • Two separate compartments
  • Fits most cell phones in their cases
  • Vegan leather
New clothing for Spring Summer 2020 has arrived just in time for travel season. From our returning favourites: denim joggers, kimonos, etc. to new pants, tops, and dresses.

Many colours and styles for everyone, keeping comfort in mind too.
Coco & Carmen OMG Jeans
OMG All Over Sparkle Boyfriend Ankle Jean
Available in S, M, L, XL, XXL
*amazing stretch fit *holds you in *lifts you up

Embellished with sparkles and distressed to perfection, this ultra-flattering pull-on jean blends bling and edginess for the style of the moment. 26" inseam.

Material(s): Cotton/Polyester/ Spandex
Michael Aram
Handcrafted, high quality, and timeless pieces. A new shipment has just arrived so there are many unique pieces for your home, and gift-giving occasions.
The ultimate in luxury; each piece is functional, handcrafted, and gift boxed.
✨Perfect unique gifts for bridal showers and wedding gifts.
✨The perfect kitchen accessories for today’s quality kitchens
✨Michael Aram creates sculptured items that are meant to be used and enjoyed such as: picture frames, paper towel holders, kitchen canisters, serving utensils, coffee and tea, pitchers and carafes, serving platters, bowls & trays, napkin holders and candles
Picture Frames
Lots of picture frames for all your treasured memories.
Serving Utensils
White Orchid Wedding Cake Knife & Server Set
Olive Branch Gold Serving Set
White Orchid Casserole Server
Olive Branch Gold Casserole Server
Dogwood Serving Set
Lidded Candles
Cala Lily Candle
Comforting notes of Orange Blossom, Calla Lily and Lotus with hints of Po melo, Linden and Musk.
Bittersweet Candle
Blended with tangy Goji Berry, woody Bittersweet Vine and velvety hints of Dark Plum. Vibrant notes of spicy Blood Orange are balanced by warm, earthy blends of Sandalwood, tied together with a sensual core of green musk.
Clothing and Fashion Accessories
So much fashion and accessories for the better weather ahead (or sooner for many who are traveling in the upcoming weeks)! Visit us to try on kimonos, linen jackets, blouses, capri pants and more. Plus, accessories like bags, purses, and jewelry to complete any holiday look.
Beekman 1802 Sunscreen
Many recent studies have shown the harmful effects of sunscreen to you and the environment. Beekman 1802's fragrance and preservative free formula with Zinc Oxide doesn't use nanoparticles and provides transparent broad-spectrum protection. This clinically tested broad-spectrum sunscreen is water resistant for 80 minutes, thanks to natural pine gum and wood resin.

BONUS: Hello Sunshine sunscreen blends in nicely and is NOT chalky on skin.


Rain Capers
Discover this versatile line of chic, hooded rain capes offering comfort and sophisticated style. Reversible, packable, rainproof, windproof and lightweight; Rain Caper ponchos are wardrobe and travel essentials. Warm capers come insulated, while classic capers aren't (choose depending on the climate).

  • Hidden double-sided magnets create "sleeves" - no more billowing in windy weather.
  • Reversible - 2 looks in 1; both sides are rainproof
  • Hooded design of rain cape keeps you dry in wet weather. Rain rolls right off!
  • Folds up into matching 8" x 10" travel pouch with snap-on strap for your tote, car, briefcase or travel bag
  • Generous hood protects from wind and rain, yet is less bulky than a raincoat or jacket.
  • One size fits most; two shell buttons for adjustable fit. 
  • RainCaper provides complete rain coverage - all the way to the wrist! 23" shoulder to wrist. 30" neckline to back hem, 55" wide.
  • 100% polyester. Machine wash; hang to dry.

Pre-order limited time, special edition
T509 Daffodils with orange back and signed.
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