Stay creative
while maintaining social distancing!

begins 4/6/20
Our new hours will be 10:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.
Monday thru Saturday for phone orders
and pickup curb service only.
You can also email us at any time for product
information and placing an order at
We will still be practicing social distancing
and please let us know if we can assist you
in any way to make this easier for you.
We want our staff and our customer to both
be safe and comfortable with this process.

Thank you for your patience and understanding
Here are a few of our favorites you don't want to miss.
Shop this weeks specals!
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ends 4/11/20
Great time to start a new journal!

Decomposition Books
$8.00 ea.
Stabilo Pen Set
$12.95 ea
Micron Pen Set
$17.95 ea.
(we also sell these individually)
$2.99 ea
Oooly Calligraphy Duo Set
$17.95 ea.
Handbook Journals
(5.5 x 3.5)
$14.95 ea
Faber Castel Brush Pen sets
(Basic, Landscape,Terra- 6 pen set)
$22.50 ea.
Simply email us your list
Take 20%
ends 4/11/20
Kids Art Supplies
Get creative with your kids!

Faber Castell Drawing Kits
$14.95 ea.
Make No Mistake Pen Set
$11.95 ea
Switch a Roo Set
$9.95 ea.
$7.95 ea
Double up Set
$12.50 ea
Monster Pen Set
$5.95 ea
Brillant Bee Crayons
$13.50 ea
Strathmore Construction
Paper Pad
$6.95 ea
Strathmore Story/Drawing Book
$.6.50 ea
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ends 4/11/20
Origami Books
and Sets

Mandala Origami
$9.95 ea.
The Joy of Origami
$16.95 ea
Origami Boxes
$12.99 ea.
The Complete Origami Kit
$14.95 ea
Origami Paper 200 sheets
$8.99 ea
Hiroshige Print Origami
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ends 4/11/20
Supplies for little hands
Create with a special
young one.

Micador Chunky Stampers
$6.99 ea.
Micador Chunky Markers
$6.99 ea
Micador Alphabet Crayons
$24.99 ea.
Micador Jumbo Pencils
$7.99 ea
Simply email us your list
Take 20%
ends 4/11/20
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