Curbside Meals To Go
Friday July 10th
sorry no meals July 3rd
orders will be confirmed Monday 7/6, we're taking some family time:)
June 19th, we delivered 11 meals to Pottstown Hospital, 8 meals to Manatawny Manor and 4 meals to Goodwill Ambulance. BCE donated desserts for each meal delivered.

June 24th, we delivered 14 meals to Pottstown Hospital, 6 meals to Manatawny Manor and 8 meals to Goodwill Ambulance. BCE donated 12 of these meals.

Thank you!!

If you are purchasing a meal to be delivered to Hospital Staff, Goodwill Fire Company or Manatawny Manor, please use the "note" box on the payment confirmation page to write your personal message. We will include it in the card we send with each delivery.
due Monday July 6th noon

Sweet Pickle Ham Salad  6. 8oz
Tortellini Salad (basil vinaigrette) 5. 12oz
Chicken Enchilada w/ Veggies 12.
Smokehouse Pulled Pork Meal 12.
Summer Veggie Quiche (10inch) $24. .
Jerk Chicken Breast with Veggies 12.
Vegetarian Veggie Plate - an assortment of veggies $12.

Chocolate Cake with Caramel Icing 9.50 , serves 2-3
Baked Lemon Pudding 10.50 7 in serves 2-3

Curbside pick up 2-3pm at our kitchen 170 Oak St Pottstown