eUpdate - May 18, 2020 
Curbside Retail Opens and Health Advice to Make this Successful!
Our personal responsibility is vital to safely re-open
Thank you!  Your collective efforts to stay home and maintain physical distance over the past nine weeks have resulted in declining COVID-19 hospitalizations and stable or decreasing numbers of new cases, even with an increase in testing.
As a result of this progress, Bay Area Health Officers issued a new Health Order which opens all retail to storefront pick-up. Associated manufacturing and logistics are also now allowed, with safe practices.

This does not mean you can go inside a non-essential store and shop, and there are guidelines in how stores and facilities must operate for the safety of customers and workers. 

It is still advised that we stay home as much as possible.
The new Health Order is here.

Just as our persistent efforts have gotten us to this point, our future actions will determine how successful we'll be as we phase in re-opening. Our personal responsibility in following the advice of health experts is vital to getting us back to work and not having a resurgence in new cases and hospitalizations.
Here's some important science-based advice from health officials about what we should do to keep moving in a positive direction. This advice is crucial for business owners and operators, as well as for shoppers. 
  • Good Hygiene. Frequent daily hand washing (some health officials say at least 10 times per day) is essential,  and sanitizing our hands each time we go into and out of a group environment. Disinfecting high touch surfaces at least daily.
  • Physical Distancing. We need to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from others wherever we are --  standing in line, shopping in a store, walking on the sidewalk. Some businesses have wisely installed plexiglass barriers at the register when the 6 foot distance cannot be maintained.
  • Wear a Face Covering. It is vital that we all wear face covering (over our nose and mouth) to prevent the spread of droplets to others. This is the most common way to transmit the virus. Remember, even those without symptoms can have the virus and spread it to others. Businesses must not allow those without face coverings into their store.
  • Daily Screenings for Symptoms. We all have a responsibility to monitor our health. If we have any symptoms, we should avoid contact with others and get tested right away. Click here for information on free testing in Contra Costa County. Symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, or nasal congestion.  Businesses should not allow anyone with symptoms into their store.
Our continued vigilance is necessary to ensure we do not see an increase in COVID-19 spread as more businesses resume operations. We have the power to make re-opening successful by taking personal responsibility to follow these strategies.
We are stronger together and we can do this!

Stay in place, maintain your space, cover your face!

More COVID-19 information:

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