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I have been given a mission.  I do my part to help shift the world to a positive place. I know God, The Universe, Source, how ever you feel comfortable referring to the 'Great Inspiration and Divine Source of Love' made me a conduit and catalyst to help you have more joy, love and peace.
Each week I sit down and personally write to you a very special message that I feel the world needs NOW. These messages are not from an archive or written by someone else. As a very special supporter of my inspirational messages, you a my newsletter subscriber gets to read first before I share elsewhere.
I receive these divine messages to help heal the world and I feel you will receive so much through my messages and what I send you.
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Happiness, even euphoria is eminent when you practice shining your light.

You are a light bulb on a grid of billions of light bulbs.  So your light goes out. You think, 'I am only one. So what?' Then someone else switches off, and another and another. In no time there is darkness.

Together we raise the vibration of the planet. Together we shine brighter and can be seen from further away.

Image if the billions of light bulbs were all lit at the same time. How far would that light reach? Into every heart and soul of every human on the planet? Lighting up hearts, igniting love and inspiring more positive energy! Into outer space, beyond our galaxy into other galaxies where WE appear to be their sun.

It's actually breath-taking to visualize this. Where would it lead? Total peace on Earth? Oneness? Harmony? 

So please, shine your light. You are instrumental in the health of humanity.

I understand we all can't be positive all of the time, but if you can think of your life as being of service to the world and universe, you may have a perspective that entices you into more positive thinking which will impact your life. In fact I guarantee, happiness and joy IS yours and if you can practice small actions that lead to shifts in your life, it will lead to shifts in the lives of others and make the world a better place.

It is remarkable how difficult it is to do some of my suggestions below that help you to shine your light. We have pasts we have not addressed and the fears (Fears = self doubt, low self esteem, trauma, anger, etc.)  get in the way. In fact, we carry those 'fears' and wear them like armor to avoid being hurt.

It's time to take the heavy armor off. It's not about being vulnerable, it's about want joy and love to permeate straight through to your soul.

Some things you can do to shine your light:

1. Smile. At yourself in the mirror, at strangers. Be aware while you are walking around if you are sporting a scowl or shining a smile. It REALLY DOES make a difference. People will mirror you back and that feels great!

2. Express your love. Say 'I love you' to yourself and to others. It's not about being romantic, it's about acceptance, understanding and trust. THIS is the essence of love. For someone to feel 'one' with you comes from the heart. It's comforting and a wonderful feeling of support. Everyone needs to hear they are loved.

3. Act selflessly. When you do kind acts, without expectation, it just feels good.

4. Take time to listen. Allowing someone the safe space to talk to you allows you to help them through healing and allows us to open to more awareness and mindfulness.

5. Forgive. Being forgiving of yourself and others, more often, is opening space for the flow of love's energy.

6. Visualize and meditate on what I mentioned earlier. Visualize your light extending out from your heart with unconditional love, traveling through your home and out into your community. As your stream of light zooms past people they are rejuvenated, smile, laugh are lifted by your light! Flower bloom, wild animals dance in the forests. Your light travels past them, through your state, country, around the world, into outer space lighting up every corner of the galaxy.

If you do take these suggestions, be prepared for a super amplified joy and perhaps even euphoria (especially doing number 6 ... it will bring you to tears and that is a GOOD thing). 

Thank you for reading my newsletter. I hope it helps transform your life in positive ways ~ Anna xo
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