Issue No. 167 | Aug. 6, 2019
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俗语 from Xi Jinping
dǒu zhuǎn xīng yí, suì yuè rú suō

Meaning: time flies

Original: 斗转星移,岁月如梭。香港已经回归祖国20年。依照中国的传统,男子二十谓之弱冠,今天就是香港特别行政区的成年礼,正所谓“如竹苞矣,如松茂矣”。

China's annual gathering of top Party leaders and retired statesmen is currently underway at Beidaihe, so this suyu comes from an old speech on 'one country, two systems' that Xi Jinping delivered on July 1, 2017 after inaugurating the Hong Kong administration  led by Carrie Lam.
Weekly Reading
The PBOC has responded to being designated a currency manipulator. While the statement is dry, it is relatively concise and contains all the economic vocabulary you need to address related issues. Think of it as a currency language crash-course. Skip the introduction and go straight to the statement. If you are pressed for time, you can just read the second paragraph of the statement itself. 

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At the Box Office
Nezha  (哪吒之魔童降世) has become the highest-grossing animated film in Chinese box-office history. According to a SCMP article , Nezha is a"Chinese-made animated movie about a legendary anti-authoritarian figure." The movie earned a record-breaking US $288 million in 10 days. SCMP notes that the plot focuses on "free will," and the character has been recognized as a "symbol of opposition to patriarchy and autocracy."
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