Current & Next Steps for Martinez & Martinez
We wanted to reach out and send all of our valued customers and especially our La Familia wine club members a quick note on where we are and what we are looking forward to concerning the Winery and the changed landscape due to Covid-19.

First and foremost, we have been so blessed with such supportive customers and members that we cannot tell you enough how thankful we are for all of you! You have helped us get through this very tough time and your support has led the way to keep us inspired to continue to find more ways to serve you and create fun and interactive experiences as we move forward in this new reality. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

The Martinez Family

Where we are now:
"Wine-Out" with us!
  • We will continue to be open daily from 11am-5pm!
  • Saturday Drive-Thru - we have decided to continue our Saturday Drive-Thru until further notice. Saturday's from 11-5pm. Just call ahead (509-786-2392) to place your order anytime before you drive-thru and we will have it ready to load when you get there! Wine, Rosé Rita Kits, logo wear/glasses, Rudy's Peppers, anything we sell is available :)
  • Sunday Splurge - Teamed up with Tuscany Catering, Sunday Splurge is a "take & Bake/Grill" meal paired perfectly with our wines. Order by Friday to pick up Saturday or Sunday for a gourmet catered meal and wine pairing at home.
  • Curbside and Front door pick-ups are available everyday except Saturday "Drive-thru day." If you know what you want, it's best to call ahead 509-786-2392.
  • $10 flat rate shipping or FREE case shipping will continue until further notice.

Looking Forward:
  • Tastings - As restrictions ease, we will start to increase our services. Right now we believe Benton Country will start phase II on June 1st but possibly later depending on how things go. Once we are in phase II, we are considering limited reservations for tastings while maintaining all our other "Wine-Out" services. We will have more details on that when it get's closer.
  • Events - I'll be honest, it is looking like phase 4 for our usual winery events like, Lounging at the Loft or any event having over 50 people. If we are unable to have our first Lounging on July 11th (we are not calling it yet!), we will try to move it until later in the year :)

Our priority is to keep all our customers and employees safe during this unusual time of living with a pandemic. We are hopeful this will all be a memory soon and be back to normal enjoying our jam packed events we love to throw at Martinez & Martinez Winery. We truly miss all of you and have loved seeing you come through the drive-thru. Thank You!