As everyone prepares for Mother's Day weekend we would like to update you on the current digging schedule.

Deciduous digging is finished for a few weeks.  Soon we will take a short break digging some of the evergreen material. Here is what our schedule looks like:

Pinus species are in flush and are not being dug for the next few weeks.
Picea  have about a week left.
Ilex, Buxus, Cedrus, and Chamaecyparis   are highly durable and we are generally able to dig them right through the season.

Why wait? We put a pause to digging most evergreens when they are pushing their first leaves. These leaves from the first flush should emerge and mature before digging again. 

We are able to summer dig most material, which starts at the beginning of June.  Please call with any questions on our dig schedule!
(301) 874-8300

Ilex opaca  & cultivars
Our  Ilex opaca are looking quite fine this year, having weathered well through this winter.   See our  Ilex opaca , below left and  Ilex opaca 'Satyr Hill', below right.

Let us help you plan your orders and become familiar with our newest material.
Contact me to plan a visit to Waverly Farm, or for one of us to pay you a visit!

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