Current COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols
As we progress through the school year, our COVID-19 Task Force continues to monitor the pandemic and use objective local data as well as guidance from both the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to make decisions that support a safe and conducive learning environment for those we serve. To that end, the team unanimously agrees that St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School will continue to require individuals older than age 2 to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Students will not be required, at this time, to wear masks outdoors. Masks are optional for students playing a sport/in PE classes in The Land (our gym); however, spectators must wear masks while attending events in The Land. Our goal is to keep our school open and our 744 students and 92 members of our administration, faculty and staff safe.

"We need to prioritize getting children back into schools alongside their friends and their teachers - and we all play a role in making sure it happens safely," said Sonja O'Leary, MD, FAAP, chair of the Council on School Health. "The pandemic has taken a heartbreaking toll on children, and it's not just their education that has suffered but their mental, emotional and physical health. Combining layers of protection that include vaccinations, masking and clean hands hygiene will make in-person learning safe and possible for everyone."

St. Anne-Pacelli is using the best medical guidance to keep the safety of our children at the forefront. We will continue to monitor the pandemic and promise to keep you updated of any changes to our current plan.

Love First,

Ronie Collins
St. Anne-Pacelli Catholic School President and High School Principal
PHS Class of 1979
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
What will the response be for a positive COVID case within the school community?
If a member of the school community tests positive for COVID, they must contact the school administration immediately. If contact tracing is necessary, the administration will communicate with the appropriate individuals, including the local health department. COVID cases will not be reported within school communities to protect the privacy of those affected.

In the event a child or school staff member contracts COVID-19, the child will need to be quarantined as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Staff members and students may not return to school until they have met the CDC's criteria to discontinue home isolation:
A. If a person has COVID-19 and had symptoms, they may return to school after:
  • Three (3) days with no fever, and
  • Symptoms improved, and
  • Ten (10) days since symptoms first appeared

*Loss of taste and smell may persist for weeks or months after recovery and need not delay the end of isolation​.
Note: These recommendations do not apply to people with severe COVID-19 or with weakened immune systems (immunocompromised).

B. If a sick person tested positive for COVID-19 but had no symptoms, and continues to have no symptoms, the individual may return to school after:
  • 10 days have passed since test
What is the protocol for contact tracing on campus?
To be considered exposed, the student must have been within 6 feet (for 15 minutes or more or 15 minutes cumulatively over a 24-hour period) of the individual who tests positive for COVID-19. St. Anne-Pacelli will follow CDC guidelines when it comes to quarantining its students:
  • NEW: The close contact definition excludes students who were within 3-6 feet of an infected student if both the infected student and the exposed student(s) correctly and consistently wore well-fitting masks the entire time. Note: This exception does not apply to teachers, staff or other adults in the indoor setting.
  • If the child who is exposed is fully vaccinated, he/she will NOT be required to quarantine unless he/she has symptoms. Proof of vaccination will be required to be shown to administrators.
  • If the child who was exposed is not fully vaccinated and not wearing his/her mask during the period of in-school or non-school exposures, he/she will be required to quarantine for:
  • 14 days with no symptoms (safest) or
  • 10 days with no symptoms or
  • 7 days with a negative test result and no symptoms (testing must occur on day 5 or later of exposure)
  • Someone who has recovered from COVID within the past 3 months and remains without COVID symptoms does not have to quarantine.