Current COVID-19 Protocols
What is the school's current mask policy?
Mask wearing is optional; however, those who are unvaccinated and/or immunocompromised are encouraged to wear a mask.

What will the response be for a positive COVID case within the school community?
If a member of the school community tests positive for COVID, they must contact the school administration immediately. In the event a child or school staff member contracts COVID-19, they will need to be quarantined following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

If student/staff member tests positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, he/she should:
  • Isolate at home for at least five days.
  • If there are no symptoms or symptoms are resolved after 5 days, he/she can return to school but must wear a mask when around others for 5 more days.
  • Those who had moderate or severe illness, or are immunocompromised, should isolate through Day 10.

How is the school contact tracing? What is the protocol for those who are exposed to someone who tests positive for COVID?
At this time, St. Anne-Pacelli is not contact tracing.

People who are exposed to the virus no longer must quarantine at home regardless of their vaccination status, although they should wear a mask for 10 days and get tested for the virus on Day 5, according to CDC guidelines published August 11, 2022.

Someone who has recovered from COVID within the past three months and remains without COVID symptoms does not have to quarantine.

Please do not send your student to school with any symptoms of any illness. Students who arrive on campus with symptoms of illness will be sent to the office, asked to be picked up and remain home until their symptoms are gone.