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May 16, 2013
Hudson News

Nursing- The Great Salvation!?


Expansion of the Nursing World - The reality of what it really entails...


The battle rages: Both traditional and proprietary institutions are stressing to find nursing talent. Supply vs. Demand has set the tone to what is taking place now and projections are the stakes will be raised higher.   


  • First and foremost. Compensation & Timing - Nursing executives are being courted with the red carpet treatment. They expect it - they will be speaking to you and others, if your process is too lengthy, too subjective, they will find another place where the grass is greener. Institutions not willing to potential dramatic pay increases or highly competitive rates lose early and often. Nursing Deans are now at a higher compensation scale than Academic Deans and quite often the Campus Director/Presidents. Average length of searches without a recruiter/search firm are taking 180 + days. 

  • Nursing boards...They want to work with "one of their own".   Program approvals are dramatically not approved or delayed when a Nursing executive is not the primary contact; decline rates without a Nursing Executive as point person prior to submission for program approval are over 90%.

  • 86% of Campus based Department Chairs/Directors of Nursing that may be open to proprietary roles insist (or strongly request) that they report directly to a Sr. Nursing Executive vs. a Campus Director/President or Academic Dean... The common reason is they "want to report to someone that speaks their language".

  • There is a huge stigma around Proprietary schools in the Nursing community. 52% of potential candidates for ANY Nursing role (Senior, Campus based or Faculty) will not consider a position with a proprietary institution.    

For further information on the Nursing landscape, specific compensation analysis in Nursing and the challenges around recruiting, contact me directly at  

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John Assunto
President & CEO
The Hudson Group

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