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Non-Owners Agree: “I Want to Buy a Home”

Many non-owners—those renting or living with someone else—are eager to buy a home. But their current financial situation is what is mostly holding them back.
The National Association of REALTORS®’ newly released “2019 Profile of Buyers and Sellers” report contained a new section this year, including a survey about non-owners and their views on homeownership. 
Why Building Rapport With Clients Is Important For Real Estate Agents
Working as a real estate agent means working closely with your clients. You talk to them, discuss with them, consult with them, give them advice — everything. But simply doing these things is not enough. When you work in an industry where your goal is to help your client find their dream home, your relationship must go beyond business, beyond real estate: There must be genuine friendship.
It's A Zoo Out There: Pets, Service Animals And Emotional Support Animals

Pets bring companionship and joy into the lives of millions of Americans, and many landlords have found it is good business to allow pets on their rental properties. Since it can be difficult to rent with a pet, pet owners will often be very appreciative and very respectful of your property and rules so that they can remain there.

Why Lenders Might Be Favoring Gen Z

Generation Z—those born after 1996—may only have started building their credit profiles, but they’re already outshining their older counterparts. Gen Z consumers have an average FICO score that’s higher than those of both millennials and Gen X, according to a new study from LendingPoint of more than 5 million near-prime loan applications.
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