You may be aware of the current situation at the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs BC or maybe this is the first time you are reading anything about it.  The refuge is slated to close in the very near future.  If you were familiar with the situation at the World Parrot Refuge you would understand that its closing is the only viable solution at this stage.

In recent weeks, serious concerns came to our attention and we felt we had to check them out to see if they were true.  Please trust us when we say the situation at the refuge is completely untenable.  The property's owner, is anxious to have the birds off the property and has no money to sustain them, even for the short term.  After serious discussion we decided that our only option, ethically and morally, was to get involved.

Getting involved, of course, invites criticism from many, and that is happening.  We are a small volunteer-run rescue.  Most of our volunteers also work full-time. Typically we take in and adopt out about 200 birds a year.  We are now in the position of trying to find suitable housing for about 600 birds, with us being on the Mainland and the birds being on the Island.  This is a daunting task, and we are doing it with integrity and a steadfast resolve to maintain our own high standards.

The birds need us, and Greyhaven has invested a massive amount of time, effort and funds in an attempt to address the very pressing needs of these birds. 

Financial support is greatly needed, we are currently paying salaries for the staff at the refuge, purchasing food, paying medical fees and purchasing cages and other supplies needed for housing birds as they move out of the refuge. Believe it or not we are even paying for a porta-potty for the staff. 

Dr McDonald and the staff at Night Owl Bird Hospital are working around the clock to provide medical care to the most critically ill birds at the refuge.  Lab work and medications are very real costs that can't be donated or overlooked. 

So here is where you come in, how can you help us to help these birds whose lives are depending on our support?  There are many ways to get involved. 

1. Donate money, donations can be made here 
2. Organize a fundraising event such as a garage sale, book sale etc 
3. Donate cages of all sizes that are in good, rust free condition 
4. Donate your time. Now more than ever we need volunteers to help out with our sanctuary here on the mainland but also at the refuge in Coombs. 
5. Consider fostering or adopting a bird 
6. Share this email and help bring recognition to this important cause. 

The parrots of the World Parrot Refuge are depending on the support of each and every one of us, please join us in ensuring their future.