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Thursday, November 17, 2016
Rebuild Foundation | Johnson Publishing Collection at the Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago | 2015 | Photo: Theaster Gates
Current Work: Theaster Gates
Moderated by Billie Tsien

Theaster Gates is trained in urban planning, religious studies, and fine arts. He has developed an expanded practice that includes space development, object making, performance, and critical engagement with many publics. Gates is spearheading numerous development projects in some of the most divested parts of his native Chicago, which function as an extension of his studio work. He is currently a professor in the University of Chicago's Department of Visual Art and serves as Director of the school's Arts + Public Life initiative, which seeks to "build creative connections on Chicago's South Side through artist residencies, arts education, and artist-led projects and events."

Billie Tsien is a co-founding principal of Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects | Partners and President of the board of directors of The Architectural League of New York.

Current Cooper Union and Parsons SCE students, faculty, and staff may register for the event for free on Eventbrite, using their schools "promo code," available from their respective Deans' offices. Tickets are very limited. 

Recovery of "Caminito Del Rey" - Malaga, Spain; Architect: Luis Machuca Santa-Cruz
Alternativas / Alternatives - XIII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism
Presented by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union and the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. 

The thirteenth Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (XIII BEAU) will be exhibited for the first time in the United States in Cooper Union's Arthur A. Houghton Jr. Gallery. The exhibition, entitled 
Alternativas / Alternatives , features 22 jury selected projects completed between January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015 by contemporary Spanish architects. The installation, which also includes an additional 20 shortlisted works, features large-scale image displays and audiovisual commentary about the winning projects, as well as drawing reproductions and architectural models.

In conjunction with this exhibition, a group of distinguished scholars will be assembled on Saturday, November 12, to participate in a lively conversation about Spanish architecture. 

The exhibition is free and open to the public. 

Tower, Slab, Superblock: Social Housing Legacies and Futures
The conference will confront questions of design and policy while examining the history, current status, redevelopment, and rehabilitation of high-rise and super block residential development in three cities, London, Paris, and Toronto, each of which is dealing with the twin pressures of increasingly unaffordable housing and diminishing state support. 

Film Screening 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Conference 1:00 PM - 6:30 PM

This event will take place in The Cooper Union Rose Auditorium and is open and free to current students, faculty, staff and Architectural League members. Non-members can reserve their tickets on Eventbrite.


CALL FOR PROJECTS |The ACSA  invites project submissions for its 105th annual meeting, under 18 thematic session topics plus an additional open category. Authors may submit only one project per topic. The same paper may not be submitted to multiple topics. Some themes are: Design for Performance: Bridging the Gap Between the Poetics and the Pragmatics, Nomadic Cities or Life on the Run, Enslaving the Masters: The Pedagogical Challenges of Parametric Design and Fabrication in Architecture, Health + Design, Money Talks: The Impact of Macro Investors in the Shape of Cities, The Stadium: Architecture, Urban Regeneration, and Politics, The Fertility of Urban Ruins: Obsolete Industrial Cities as Ecosystem Holders, and more. Deadline: November 16, 2016.   Learn More...

FLASH COMPETITION | Opportunity Space: An International Design-Build Competition Beyond the headlines and political rhetoric, the migration crisis in Europe has highlighted one of the toughest challenges that cities around the world will face for decades to come: In an era of great uncertainty, how and where can people find opportunity?  In response to this challenge, Van Alen Institute, the City of Malmo, White Arkitekter, Architects Sweden, and Individuell Manniskohjalp are launching this competition to create temporary physical structures that will house programs to foster economic opportunity and social inclusion in Malmo, Sweden. Deadline: Pre-register by November 7, 2016 and Submit Final Proposals by November 18, 2016.  Learn More...

RESEARCH RESIDENCY | Richard Rogers Fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Design is open to accomplished professionals and scholars working in any field related to the built environment. The fellowship is dedicated to advancing research on a wide range of issues - social, economic, technological, political, environmental - that are critical to shaping the contemporary city. Harvard will inaugurate the Wimbledon House as the residence for the Richard Rogers Fellowship and as a venue for lectures, symposia, and events in 2017. Deadline: November 28, 2016.  Learn More... 

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | PLAT Journal of Rice University is currently accepting submissions for the upcoming issue, Absence, which draws attention to the unbuilt structures, spaces, and ideas which hold as much potential and possibilities for architecture as their present counterparts. What does it mean for design to disappear? Absence, often seen as the result of a destructive force, may in fact be productive. While presence implies creation, absence promises possibilities. PLAT 6.0 welcomes architects, designers, thinkers, and anyone provoked by 'Absence' to submit design projects, essays, visual media, narratives, proposals, manifestos, and conversations that engage the notion of absence in architecture and its complementary creative fields. Please submit all materials, abstracts, and/or inquires to Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More...  

CALL FOR ENTRIES | Ventura Lambrate 2017  is Ventura Projects' flagship event held during the annual Salone del Mobile/Fuorisalone in Milan. During this week, the district of Lambrate in northeast Milan hosts a thriving design district that showcases the latest developments in international contemporary design. By juxtaposing conceptual experiments with professional presentations, visitors are challenged to take a different view on design. Applications are now open. Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More...

GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP | Kate Neal Kinley Memorial Fellowship is a creative fellowship for promising young graduates of the Universtity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and other prestigious institutions. The fellowships are to be used by the recipients toward defraying the expenses of advanced study in music, landscape architecture, architectural design, history, art, dance, theatre, or urban and regional planning. Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More...  

CALL FOR ENTRIES | Dichotomy 23: HUNGRY is an invitation to get your fill, relieve your appetites, reach out for your desires, and feed your creativity. Submissions should consider Hungry as a sense of longing relief from the starving, barren, and otherwise dissatisfied, as well as its relation to the discourse of architecture, urbanism, design, and all the arts in between. Abstract Deadline: December 1, 2016. Learn More... 

CALL FOR ENTRIES | S.ARCH 2017 Architecture AWARDs are dedicated to the recognition of Completed Projects and Conceptual Designs, their excellence in architecture and/or urbanism, architectural diversity, new ideas and their exemplary implementations around the world. The S.ARCH AWARDs seek to recognize new developments in sustainable architecture, where particular attention has been given to building / designing schemes that use local resources and appropriate design solutions in innovative ways. Deadline: December 2, 2016. Learn More...

DESIGN AND ADMINISTRATION COMPETITION | Place and Displacement: A Marketplace in Refugee Settlements Refugee livelihoods in transitional settlements have become a crucial topic in contemporary geopolitical relations.Most inhabitants in refugee settlements rely on humanitarian aid and cannot fully exercise their agency and skill sets. A marketplace can become an embodiment of dignity and resilience that respects refugee inhabitants' autonomy, creativity and capability.Thus, we challenge the innovative minds around the globe to design a marketplace with an operational plan for a vulnerable population (adolescents, single mothers, people with trauma, etc) in one of the refugee settlements in Kenya, Jordan and Germany. Deadline: December 3, 2016. Learn More...

Mathematical Photo Submissions | MoMath: SeeingMath Do you see math in the world around you? Now is your opportunity to contribute a favorite mathematical photo to MoMath's _Seeing Math_ contest. Winning photos will be displayed on the large screen in the Museum as part of this visual tour of the mathematical world around us. To enter the _Seeing Math_ contest, please email your original photographic image (no photoshopping please) together with the formulae or commentary that would overlay the image. Please submit all entries to and limit the size of your email to 5 MB or less. Deadline: January 1, 2017.  Learn More...

PRE-COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP | The Anthony Quinn Scholarship Program Organized as a vehicle to perpetuate Anthony Quinn's vision for an art conscious society, the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program raises and distributes funds for arts education. The Scholarship Program is for young adults in high school who demonstrate exceptional talent and dedication with a strong commitment to personal artistic growth and who will benefit from financial support. The Foundation makes an effort to distribute the funds evenly across the fields of focus: Visual Arts & Design, Dance, Theatre, Singing, Instrumental, Media Arts, and Literary Arts. Deadline: January 4, 2017. Learn More... 

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS | Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Design represent the broadest spectrum of accomplished practitioners who are influential in shaping the built and natural environment and whose work advances positive social outcomes. Loeb Fellows are architects and landscape architects, urban planners and journalists, public artists and affordable housing developers. They come from around the world to the Harvard GSD with a common purpose: to make the world a better place for all. After a transformative Fellowship year in residence, they join a powerful worldwide network of over 450 colleagues and friends. The connections, collaborations and learning are there for a lifetime. Deadline: January 5, 2016. Learn More...

APPLICATIONS OPEN | Gensler's Design Strategist Development (DSD) Program is a 24-month, on-the-job professional training program that gives participants firsthand exposure to the skills and experiences they need to achieve professional success as a design strategist. It propels participants directly into meaningful project work, offers world-class professional development, and connects them with a global community of colleagues and mentors. Tailored to each person's strengths and ambitions, the program provides the maximum breadth and depth of design strategy experience. Each year, Gensler hires a new cohort to work and train in select Gensler offices. Each DSD Program participant joins Gensler as a consulting analyst and receives a competitive salary and benefit package. Deadline: January 6, 2016. Learn More... 

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Zumtobel Group Award 2017: Innovations for Sustainability and Humanity in the Built Environment is an architectural award that acts as a stimulus for new developments and concepts in the built environment that help meet current and future demands for improved urban living conditions and energy needs. The award aims to encourage research into and implementation of new sustainable and socially beneficial perspectives in the built environment. Deadline: January 15, 2017. Learn More...   

LAND ART COMPETITION | Nka Foundation invites submissions from creative practitioners and organizations dedicated to community placemaking to participate in its 2017 Land Art Competition. The competition is open to landscape architects, artists, curators, designers, architects, urban planners, structural engineers, university students and others from around the world to submit ideas for large-scale and site-specific public art installations based on site in rural Ghana. The submitted entries can be functional or nonfunctional works but must aim at creating a truly unique experience that becomes emblematic of what an arts village is and how it needs to function as a PLACE. The arts village is designed as a learning center to provide relational spaces for creative people from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create. Registration Deadline: January 31, 2017. Learn More...

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Harvard GSD 2017 Wheelwright Prize announces the fifth cycle of its open international competition awarding a $100,000 fellowship to a talented early-career architect to support travel-based research. This annual prize is dedicated to fostering new forms of architectural research informed by cross-cultural engagement.  Deadline: January 31, 2017. Learn More...

DESIGN CHALLENGE | Reimagine Structure: Metals in Construction Magazine invites architects and engineers to submit their design for a high-rise building that integrates its enclosure and it primary structure for the purpose of minimizing embodied energy. The magazine challenges participants to substitute a hybrid frame-and-skin system for the typical aluminum-and-glass curtain wall of a steel-framed high-rise office building. The design must integrate elements providing environmental protection and resistance to wind and seismic forces. Entries will be judged on the amount of embodied energy reduced in the form of building mass, as well as on the overall performance of the enclosure. Deadline: February 1, 2017. Learn More... 

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS | Cities, Communities and Homes: Is the Urban Future Livable? A conference organized by AMPS and the University of Derby springing from documentation of the complexity of our cities and their socio-economic differences. This conference seeks to explore how the three issues of city development, sense of community and housing need, all combine to make lives in our cities livable - or not. Contributing to the broader research areas of the organization initiating the conference, Architecture, Media, Politics, Society (AMPS) and the concerns of academics at the University of Derby, this event is interdisciplinary by default. Deadline: March 1, 2017. Learn More... 

SUBMISSIONS OPEN | arch out loud: DEATH AND ARCHITECTURE  will examine the juxtaposition of these terms, delving into the ever-changing sociological responsibilities of architecture and the constant, unchanging condition of death. This is an open call for submissions of original written or graphic work pertaining to the relationship between the dead and the city. This issue intends to touch on topics such as the status of land and its value in growing cities; historical trends of burial grounds in cities; recent innovations regarding the handling of the dead; and the stigmas surrounding radical changes in the ways in which we lay to rest those who have passed on. Deadline: Not Specified.  Learn More... 

 Anthony Vidler, Arch fac | Article | "When Robert Venturi and Jane Jacobs upset
the modernist apple cart," THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, November 3, 2016

Diane Lewis, Arch fac, AR '76 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Francois deMenil, Arch fac, AR '87 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Daniel Sherer, Arch fac | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Diller Scofidio + Renfro (Elizabeth Diller, AR '79, Ricardo Scofidio,  AR '55/Arch fac | Article | "Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University Medical  Center," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 1, 2016  | Article | "Six schemes for lighting up London's bridges shortlisted," THE  GUARDIAN, November 7, 2016  | Article | "Six teams of top global architecture firms battle to light up  London's bridges," THE ARCHITECTS' NEWSPAPER, November 9, 2016  | Article | "Diller Scofidio + Renfro Bring Pierre Chareau's Work to Life at the  Jewish Museum," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 2, 2016  | Article | "Pierre Chareau," DOMUS, November 4, 2016

Paul Seletsky, AR '82 | Article | "Super Commuters," THE VILLAGE VOICE, October 28, 2016

Shigeru Ban, AR '84 | Article | "Toward a new Arkansas Arts Center," ARKANSAS TIMES, November 10, 2016

Gerard Sullivan, AR '89 | Design Team Member | "Roy and Diana Vagelos
Education Center at Columbia University Medical Center," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 1, 2016

Jeffrey Hou, AR '90 | Book | Messy Urbanism: Understanding the "Other" Cities of Asia, HKU Press, November 2016 

Catherine Seavitt, AR '94 | Participant | Reading Images Series: Beyond the City, November 15, 2016, Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC

Abe Jasinowski, AR '95 | Article | "Abe Jasinowski Joins FXFOWLE as Director of Business Development," FX FOWLE NEWS, September 28, 2016

Kouki Mojadidi, AR '01 | Participant | Van Alen Variety Show, WeWork FiDi, November 9, 2016, NYC

Jesse Saylor, AR '02 | Design Team Member | "Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University Medical Center," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 1, 2016

Daniel Meridor, AR '06/MAR '10 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Matthew Ostrow, AR '09 | Design Team Member | "Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University Medical Center," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 1, 2016

Yoon-Young Hur, AR '10 | Design Team Member | "Roy and Diana Vagelos Education Center at Columbia University Medical Center," ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, November 1, 2016

Aimilios Davantlis Lo , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Jorge Flores , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Sam Koopman , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Kelsey Lee , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Piao Liu , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Hui Rong Liu , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Hugh Scott Moncrieff , AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display ," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Stephanie Restrepo, AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016

Kyle Schroede, AR '17 | Article | "Student Work Featured in Midtown Display," THE COOPER UNION, November 8, 2016


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