As it is written in Genesis 2:15...

After the LORD God had finished creating the universe, the sky, the stars, the land, and the sea, as well as all the creatures within it, He created man. And the LORD God placed him in the Garden and asked him to tend it. The first garden, the first gardener, and the beginning of the first occupation of Mankind – gardening.

It’s no wonder churches everywhere are interested in gardens. Churches see gardens as a way to meet local needs by donating the produce to people of the community or local food pantries. But church gardens can be much more. They can meet needs and at the same time celebrate the bounty of God’s good earth, to grow both food and community. 

Pastor Tom commented by saying, “one morning, I pulled into the church parking lot, and a couple was working in the garden. I introduced myself and expressed how happy I was that they have the opportunity to grow a bounty of vegetables here in our garden. Our community garden is allowing us to interact with people from our community!”

After service on Sunday, grab an empty plastic bag, make a stop at the Agape Center for some coffee and sweets and then head out the back door to the Community Garden and pick some tomatoes and other vegetables. The tomatoes are ripe and ready to be picked. While you are out there, walk over to our Peace Garden. It is so serene and so beautiful. Remember Every Monday is Produce Give-Away Day, 2-4pm.