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Update on Current Families and on Some of Our Previous Guests
Current Families
We have 3  families in our program.  All single moms with daughters.  

Collisa works full time and will soon begin her housing search in earnest.  Her three year old daughter has made some new friends at preschool; always a relief for parents.

Ramona is looking for full time employment.  She has several job interviews lined up for next week.  Her 2 year-old has settled into the daycare routine, and her 6 year-old reports, "Spring break camp, at the daycare, is 'pretty funner' than I thought it would be".  Well, that's good to know! 

Bianca  moved into IHNA on March 31st.  She has 2 daughters - Miracle who is 1 year-old and Zahira who is 6 years-old. Bianca  works full-time at a fast-food restaurant, and she will be searching for housing while in our program.

Teresa and Angel have found a nice apartment and moved in on March 31. Yay!

Thank you, everyone, for helping to support our great  families.

Families in our Extended Network Program
Once families find permanent housing they have to option to participate in our Extended Network Program. We touch base with each of the families quarterly to see how they are doing and if they need any assistance. From our most recent contact with the families, we heard the following:

Crystal, has been living independently for 6 months since exiting IHNA. She reported that she and her daughter have remained at the same address since their departure. Crystal reported that she is also working on starting classes at Athens Tech and that her daughter is growing fast and doing great!

Missy has been living independently for 9 months since leaving IHNA. She reported that  she and her children are at the same address since their departure from our shelter. She has since obtained a new job and reports that her children are doing very well. 

Justin and Sherica, have moved to Florida and secured employment. They also reported they have obtained childcare assistance and their children are doing "Awesome"!

Stephen, who has been living independently for 3 months since his departure from IHNA, reports that he is still working for telemarketing company in Athens and has received several promotions. Stephen also reported that he and his three children have stable housing and are doing well!

You support makes a difference today but it also continues to pay dividends in the future as well. Thank YOU!
La Table raises over $15,000! A record!
LaTable 2017 goes on record as our most financially  successful event in 8 years. We hosted around 300 guests and reached a net profit of around $15,000. All of our proceeds will go directly to IHNA to be used to provide services for our guest families. 

Thanks to all of our 32 talented table host and all of our guests who participated. Thanks to Karen Olson, Founder and President Emeritus of Family Promise for the moving and meaningful talk about how she started our parent organization. Special thanks to Wanda Culpepper, La Table Chair, who spent countless hours making this event perfect! Check out more photos by clicking HERE.
Wanda Culpepper, La Table Chair and Karen Olsen, Family Promise Founder and President Emeritus
Sarah McKinney, CEO of Athens Area Community Foundation; Karen Olsen and Davin Welter
Phil Caskey and Ginny Morris
Over The Edge...Success!
We are grateful to everyone who participated in Over The Edge on March 18. Special thanks to those folks who rappelled:Whit Richardson, Grant Whitworth, Mark Woods, Richard Carswell, Kim and Eric Ness, Carrie Welter (Davin's 
Richard Carswell, IHNA Board Member
Carrie Welter, Davin's mom
brave mom), and Davin Welter. 
Kim and Eric Ness
Davin Welter, IHNA Executive Director
Grant Whitworth
Mark Woods
For more photos of Over The Edge, click HERE.
Host Congregation Schedule
To see a calendar listing of our 2017 host congregations, click here: http://www.ihnathens.org/ihnarotationschedule.html. We are searching for new congregations to help us fill in the blanks. If you are a member of a congregation who is interested in hosting our families, please contact Stacy Pardue at assist.ihnathens@gmail.com or 706-425-1881.
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA
393-1 West Hancock Ave

Davin Welter, Executive Director - director@ihnathens.org

Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director - assist.ihnathens@gmail.com

Regina Roth-Goldman, Service Director -

Email: director@ihnathens.org
Phone: 706-425-1881
Website: www.ihnathens.org

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