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Current trends in flooring for hospitals
That was a question posed to SelecTech President Tom Ricciardelli in a recent interview. Specifically, as it pertains to safety, comfort, acoustics, mobility, maintenance, infection control and aesthetics. Here’s Tom’s response.

Yes, all of these are factors and have been for quite some time. More recently, due to Covid, the products that meet all of these requirements and can be installed quickly have become more in demand. In flooring, having a properly prepared subfloor is critical. If the hospital is renovating/repurposing an area, they have to clear the space, rip out the old flooring, abrade the concrete to clean it, and then glue in new flooring. This can be very disruptive to the hospital. SelecTech has an interlocking flooring option for all our products that can be installed directly on top of the old flooring without any floor preparation. 

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FDA Requirements for flooring
This recent article in the New England Real Estate Journal covers SelecTech flooring's compliance with FDA requirements.

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