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15th June 2012


Curriculum and the bigger challenges ahead

Food for thought:

Bigger Challenges?


Conrad Wolfram - shall we teach maths or calculating?

Conrad Wolfram, Mathematician Founder, Wolfram Research Europe. The importance of math to jobs, society and thinking has exploded over the last few decades. Meanwhile, math education has gotten stuck or has even slipped backward. Why has this chasm opened up?

25 minute video - watch now>>

Conrad Wolfram


Conrad's response to proposed reforms of the UK primary maths curriculum - read now>>


Michael Brooks - shall we teach science or facts?

Dr Michael Brooks discusses how many of todays young learners think science is dull, beyond them and something that has no need of their input and that this is because every generation before them has colluded in creating the myth that science is boring, that scientists are dull, passionless, cold and logical.


15 minute video - watch now>>

Michael Brooks

Ellen MacArthur - bigger challenges for the curriculum

Ellen MacArthur, sailor & founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation presents this talk about population, depleting natural resources and the role of education in establishing a new approach based around the Circular Economy.


20 minute video - watch now>>

Ellen MacArthur


Martin Rees - our final century?

Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal, asks could this be our final century?

Whatever part of the world we live in we're going to have to contend with the fact that the world is getting more crowded and that each individual is going to become more demanding of resources, energy and food. If we are to cope with this more crowded world we are going to have to deploy science and technology in a more optimum way, a way that requires international partnerships. Martin Rees presents the case that scientists have a special role to play in promoting this discussion amongst the general public and politicians so that important long term issues remain high on the agenda.


28 minute video - watch now>>

Martin Rees


Noam Chomsky - The Purpose of Education

Noam Chomsky discusses the purpose of education, impact of technology, whether education should be viewed as a cost or investment and the value of standardised assessment.


22 minute video - watch now>>

Noam Chomsky


LWF International Conference & Festival - June 2013

LWF are pleased to announce new dates and new venues for its significantly expanded international conference and festival.


Having listened to the positive and constructive feedback from our global community and supporters we will now host our annual gathering in London, June 17th-21st at two of the best conferencing and festival venues our city has to offer.


Read now >>


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