October 24, 2018
Curriculum, Research, Medical Device Support
Information, Visualization and Innovative Research (IVIR, Inc.) specializes in research and development in education, medical education, modeling and simulation. Contact us as to how we can best support your requirements. Email info@ivirinc.com or go to www.ivirinc.com.
Curriculum Development
IVIR's hands-on educational programs are developed to optimally convey the content to a specific audience such as a medical device company, simulation manufacturer, military program or educational institution. Time limitations, remote or assembled learning, background of learners and other factors are considered when producing educational programs.
Spotlight on Research
Military and civilian customers count on IVIR to provide innovative research for a wide range of applications. This work is done using information visualization modeling and simulation technologies to uncover new insights regarding general and medical education applications. These government, academic and corporate partners invite us to participate in areas of research that are unique, complex, disruptive, and meaningful.
Medical Device Industry Support
As medical device industry partners prepare to launch a new product, we guide them through the process and accelerate medical device adoption to help obtain/steal market share.

IVIR offers comprehensive capabilities to support your medical device product launch, training, simulation and other business requirements.
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