Curriculum in Review
First Steps through 12th Grade
Ms. Carrieann Sipos, Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning
Dr. Brian Alm, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning
Dear Families,

Despite all that we have gone through and all the challenges we continue to face, it is the holiday season and we wish everyone a safe and healthy time together. While the numbers of COVID cases continue to be on the rise, our schools remain safe places. There is no better environment for learning than being in a classroom with teachers and classmates. Please know we are adhering to all social distancing protocols so children can come to school to experience interactive, live instruction.

I hope you have felt the strong relationship between you, your child and our educators. We are and will always be deeply committed to this partnership. Remember if there is anything you should need, please reach out to your child’s teacher. We are here to ensure that we get through this together.  

You will see a great deal of information in this oblast. Please enjoy taking a journey into the curriculum happenings in the Ossining School District. We would like to celebrate your children for engaging in their education and persisting through the barriers of remote learning. We would also like to celebrate our Ossining Teachers who are doing everything to design quality instruction as they work with children in the classroom and at home. They are making magic happen every single day.

Enjoy the holiday break. Our community has the power to keep the spread under control. We hope you stay safe, adhere to guidelines, so we can all return to our schools in January.


Dr. Brian Alm, Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning.
941-7700 Ext. 1320

Ms. Carrieann Sipos, Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning.
941-7700 Ext. 1331
 Staff Effectiveness
Our Equity Work
As we say in Ossining, Equity is our plate. This month we were fortunate to work with our consultant Natalie Zwerger from NYU Metro Center. She facilitated a district wide equity meeting where we reviewed our Ossining Culturally Responsive Framework. She also spent time with our Equity Teacher Leaders to help them prepare for professional learning in their individual buildings and to set up for curriculum writing. We are so grateful to continue in this partnership.  
Student Centered Environment
School, Parent, Community Partnerships
EBooks can be accessed on each building's website. Please encourage your children to visit often. There is a serious connection between the number of books children read and achievement.
Read! Read! Read!
First Steps - Our 0-3 Program
First Steps /Primeros Pasos has always been about giving, and this month is no exception. From educating our youngest learners to getting materials and resources into the hands of our families, we have it all! Recently, we distributed baked good from a local grocery store and celebrated the season of giving with a toy and book giveaway. Families have opportunities to utilize the Ossining Basics Principles daily.
Park School Update

Park School Returns to FIVE Days of Live Instruction
As you can all imagine, our youngest learners have been the most challenged by remote teaching and learning. We know they learn best when they are with their teachers in environments where they can play, explore, and learn together. Thank you to the entire Park Staff who worked tirelessly to bring our students back to school. Please know we continue to practice social distancing practices and our schools continue to be safe places for everyone. 

All students have been doing an identity project around their personal, social and learning identities recognizing similarities and celebrating their differences. Park School Kindergartners are about to earn their super powers. Pointer power, snap word power, reread power, partner power, book talk power, sound power, and persistence power are some of the many powers to help lift them into becoming Super Readers! Writing for Readers is their next writing unit. Students will continue to generate a topic, draw pics, write who, where and what happened, use the word wall and all they’ve learned in word study and what they are learning about reading to create their true stories.
In Kindergarten, we just started our 3rd chapter on measurement. In this unit students are learning key vocabulary words such as measurement, length (longer and shorter), height (taller and shorter), weight. In this unit, students are measuring using non-standards units to see what objects may be longer or shorter. They will also learn how to use a scale to weigh different objects! When students are measuring, they are learning how to properly measure by making sure the ends line up. Students are continuing to put their thoughts and thinking into sentences and sentence starters help with this. Sentence starters such as: the ___ is taller/shorter than the ___ are used. The goal is for students to independently use these sentences. Lastly, students are continuing to prove and justify their thinking by teachers asking higher-level thinking questions and by asking questions such as: "how do you know?", "tell me more", "do you disagree/agree and why?"
Brookside School Update

All students have been doing an identity project around their personal, social and learning identities recognizing similarities and celebrating their differences.

First graders are becoming Word Detectives, learning what to do when they encounter a tricky word and need to solve it. They will be using all of the strategies in their detective kits, and adding some new ones to become the best word solvers/fluent readers that they can be. In writing, students will be writing How-To books around community, friendship, kindness, acceptance/differences as well as other meaningful and important topics.

Second graders are beginning Second Grade Growth Spurts. They will become more sophisticated at choosing books, becoming flexible word solvers and setting goals around reading volume and fluency. In the unit From Scenes to Series, students will create their own characters and write series books around their adventures.
First graders have been building upon their knowledge of number sense as they worked on strategies to add and subtract numbers up to 10. They have been working to become fluent in the count on and count back strategies. As we returned from Thanksgiving break, we began to introduce place value and how to manipulate and decompose numbers 11-20. As we continue with this chapter, students will expand their understanding of place value as they compare and order numbers 0-20. 

Second grade is winding down their chapter on addition within 1,000 and we are getting ready to blast-off to subtraction!
Claremont School Update

Third and fourth graders have made a leap into nonfiction texts. They are learning to approach their books with excitement and curiosity. Daily lessons are focused on multiple ways to determine the main idea and then finding key details to support the main idea. Students are taught to hone in on the text features as both clues to the main idea and to gather more information to bring the main idea to life. We also focus heavily on helping students develop their own ideas about what they are reading. Are they forming some theories based on patterns that they see? What are they wondering about?

In third grade, students are also writing nonfiction in the form of their very own chapter book. They learn how to organize their information in multiple structures and strategies for elaboration. They practice writing introductions to hook their readers and conclusions that wrap up the information that they have shared.  

The fourth graders are writing personal and persuasive essays. This is their first journey into writing a thesis statement and backing it up with reasons and evidence. They learn that evidence can come in the form of micro-stories, statistics, and/or information gathered through an interview. They also focus on organization, including writing powerful introductions and conclusions.
Third graders are finishing up unit three, how you can use subtraction to compare two numbers. Students will
  • Subtract 2-digit numbers mentally using different strategies.
  • Use subtraction strategies and algorithms to subtract numbers within 1,000 Subtract up to 4-digit numbers without regrouping.
  • Subtract up to 4-digit numbers with regrouping.
  • Use bar models to solve up to two-step real-world problems involving subtraction.
For the remainder of December, grade 3 will be reviewing/teaching second grade multiplication fluency lessons to prepare them for Unit 4 - Multiplication Tables. We expect to start the unit in January after the break. Unit 4 builds on multiplication facts 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 introduced in second grade and extends their learning to facts 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12.

Fourth Grade is currently wrapping up Chapter 2 on multiplication and division. Chapter 3, Fractions, will begin after the winter break. 
Roosevelt School Update
Roos News 5
Each morning at 9:05 AM, Roosevelt students join the daily live streaming of Roos News 5. Every week, students represent their class as panelists on the show. Panelists, or news anchors, engage the audience by reporting weather updates, sharing important information and inspirational quotes, playing Charades to guess the “Word of the Day,” and dancing to our song of the day. Roos News 5 evolves with student suggestions and feedback. See the slide below for a list of daily segments on the show.  
Career Day
Career day is typically designed to help high school students decide what studies to pursue in college. Roosevelt Elementary believes career exploration is an important topic for scholars. It is a way of helping students understand how their skills and interests can translate into careers, and help them understand their place in the world. Roosevelt is hosting a Career Exploration Day on December 16th, 2020. The goal is to broaden students’ horizons, provide multiple opportunities for students to explore their personal interests, and encourage our students to ‘dream big’. This event will include a special keynote speaker, inspirational guest speakers, an inquiry project, fun games and activities, and much, more.
AMD Update
6th grade students just finished writing personal narratives that feature elaborate descriptions and meaningful flashbacks. They are beginning a new reading unit where they consider complex character traits and examine how setting influences character development.
7th grade students wrote compelling realistic fiction stories steeped with craft moves including well-developed characters, strong leads, symbolism, and a sense of reliability from the narrator. They are starting a new reading unit where they deeply study characters to consider how characters change, revisit theories about character, analyze how setting influences the characters, and analyze how characters can be vehicles for themes.
8th grade students crafted memoirs providing a glimpse into who they are as people. Time was spent looking at mentor texts and analyzing the author’s craft in order to add dimension to their own writing. During the December reading unit, students will consider how authors use perspective and point of view to manipulate the readers’ sympathy. Students will study small moments as windows to reveal the complexities of characters. Finally, stories will be reread and reflected on through multiple-lenses.  
Interactive Technology and ELA Students in Ms Mann’s class are playing Gimkit Trust No One and using vocabulary related to the ELA curriculum to play a game where they try to discover imposters amongst them. Our students were highly engaged.
Identity Projects
Students at AMD are working on Identity Projects. They were asked to begin to form an initial theory about their identity. They reflected on their history, the world, and began to construct an identity map. They thought about their biological information, roles, as well as talents and interests.
OHS Update

Ossining High School held a virtual Career and Technical Fair. Schools and businesses such as UPS, The Culinary Institute, Universal Technical Institute, and Westchester School for Dental and Medical Assistants presented to our students.
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