January 2021 Newsletter
Curriculum Innovation In Action
Over the coming weeks, parents and caregivers will have opportunities to hear about next year’s courses from the Brookline High School curriculum chairs. Since 1998, the BHS Innovation Fund has launched and supported many beloved classes that are part of the BHS experience. When the BHS course catalog comes out, look for our logo next to these course descriptions.

Below, we’ve highlighted three programs that were launched by the Innovation Fund, and in coming weeks we will offer additional course spotlights. Visit our website for a full list of classes and school-wide initiatives that originated with grant funding, and learn more about how the Innovation Fund positively impacts learning for all students at BHS.
A Glimpse into: Global Leadership
Global leaders must possess the ability to resolve conflicts across cultures, use modern technology, work cooperatively and collaboratively within multi-national teams, and initiate creative change in a world full of blurred boundaries. Global Leadership provides students with the knowledge, the skills, and the experience to become truly engaged and effective agents of progress in our modern world.
A Glimpse into: Tutorial
Tutorial is a skills-based class that provides individualized content-based support to students with varying needs. It is a foundational class available for any student in grades 9-12 who would benefit from participating in a supportive learning community.
A Glimpse into: Racial Awareness
Racial Awareness is a sophomore-year elective that explores the complexities of race within our national, local, and high school communities. Students meet in a seminar-style class designed to foster their capacity to speak effectively about their own identities and to listen carefully and thoughtfully as others reflect on and speak about theirs.
Website Announcement
We are excited to share our updated website with you here! We've provided more in-depth information on how the Innovation Fund impacts students and the learning culture of our school. Learn more about additional ways to donate or sponsor the Fund. Let us know what you think here. Happy browsing!
Winter Appeal Appreciation
Thank you to everyone who donated to support our Winter Appeal! We are gratified by the response and truly appreciate the generosity of our community in supporting academic innovation at BHS. With your help, we successfully funded the extension of our COVID-19 Teaching and Learning Response Grant which supports teachers and students in our remote/hybrid classroom environment!
Our mission is to catalyze innovation at Brookline High School by supporting faculty-driven curricular initiatives that will inspire our students and prepare them to thrive in a changing world.