We have been keeping very busy here in town, but did you know we have also been completing many jobs out of the tri-state area?! This past summer, we have successfully completed projects in Nashville, St. Louis, Bloomington, New York and Lexington!

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When we say custom, we mean it. Not only for the fact that we can build and install any style or size cabinetry to fit your home and your needs, but we can create these cabinets straight out of your imagination. Watch this video to learn how a hood design went from a homeowner and designer's imagination, on to paper, then to computer aided drawings, and finally put into our very talented craftsmen's hands. The final product is a masterpiece.
This granite countertop, chosen by one of our clients is truly a magnificent piece of art. Not only will this countertop provide a very durable surface for the homeowner, it is providing a statement piece in their kitchen, adding a pop of color on their countertop and splash. Being a natural stone, granite provides a vast array of colors for you to choose from along with the durability to withstand heat and scratches. To learn more about this natural stone, click here! Thank you to our fabricator Cabinets and Counters for snapping a picture of this beautiful stone when it came in.

Have you been thinking about ordering a new appliance? Planning a remodel that will call for appliances? Do you have an appliance on its last leg? Our suggestion to you would be to not wait too long to order! On some appliances, we are seeing very long lead times. If you are in the need, please let us know. We would be happy to help so that your project isn't delayed!

We also have a display appliance for sale, details listed here.

If you are in need of a new appliance or have questions, please contact Jenna at or call 812-963-3377.
We know many have done it, or have grown up in a home where it was done, but please, do NOT put foil in your Wolf oven bottoms or side walls! While you may feel this helps to keep your oven clean from dropping crumbs or boil overs, it can actually do much worse. The foil can/will adhere to the porcelain. Read more on this topic here.

You invested in these top-of-the-line appliances and we want to make sure that investment stands the test of time! Take care of your appliances, and they will return the favor.

CAUTION: Do not place any cookware on oven floor or use aluminum foil or other material to line the oven floor or side walls. Failure to adhere to this notice will damage the porcelain and will void you warranty.
Natural wood tones are still gaining in popularity with homeowners. A popular choice recently has been white oak. It has a very natural look, distinctive grain, and subtle finish that is easily mixed with other cabinetry colors such as whites, blacks, and blues. We have been working with multiple clients who have chosen this look for their home, and we hope to share some photos of the finished products soon! In the mean time, here is a beautiful sample door that we have displayed in our showroom.
To all of our past, present and future clients, as well as decorators and contractors, we want to THANK YOU for working with us! We always love to check in with phone calls or emails after projects are complete to make sure you are fully satisfied. We would love to hear from you and make sure our team’s hard work and attention to detail has met your expectations.

A vast majority of our business over the past 64 years has been from creating happy customers! When potential customers are making a decision on whether or not to use us for their home or business, hearing your words on why you choose to invest in our product and service could help make up their mind. If you would be so kind, please share a few sentences expressing your thoughts about your experience with the Fehrenbacher team, and why you might encourage others to do the same.

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