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Spring finally arrived in June in Northeastern, Minnesota.  Before that, temperatures were cold, not cool, and we had a lot of rain.  At least we didn't have more snow. Now the forests are blooming and everything is lush.

The cherry blossoms were magnificent.  While these are basically ornamental cherry trees they do produce a few very small cherries that the birds seem to enjoy.

Of course spring is the time most animals have their babies.  The Grey Jays are no exception.  This picture depicts two juvenile grey jays.  As youngsters they are a darker grey, but as they mature their colors become a much lighter shade of grey.  We think mom and dad actually had three offspring, but we could only get two to pose. Now all have gone north, but hopefully will return to our area in the fall.

We are sure the grey foxes that lived in a neighbor's yard had babies, but mom did not bring them out to show their "landlords" what the kits looked like. Just a proud momma sitting around, and possibly taking a break from motherhood.

In spite of cooler temperatures toward the beginning of the month, the fish seemed anxious to get the season going and just jumped on the worms and leeches offered to them.  This is about a 20 inch bass caught in Basswood.  Where?  Come on now, do you think any fisher person will tell exactly where it was caught?

Then there was this beautiful 20" lake trout, again caught on Basswood.  The location has yet to be disclosed...

We seem to have some new comers to our Chain of Lakes (Moose, Newfound, and Sucker). It seems we now have a pair of trumpeter swans.  Mom and Dad have a nest somewhere and we are pretty sure they are proud parents of up to eight signets (chicks).  The female is referred to as a Pen and the male a Cob.  The female has been dubbed "Penelope", but we are not sure what the male has been named.  Yes, we know wild animals should not be named, but because this pair is living in our "back yard" and are neighbors of a sort, we felt they needed names. If we can get pictures of the young, we will definitely share them with you.

Even though this is the June note, because the 4th of July is so close, we thought we needed to offer a picture.  It was a great party with guests and friends arriving by land and by sea. It is considered by most the "event of the season". 

Then of course we have one of our fabulous sunsets. Unfortunately this one is marked with a bit of the smoke from the Canadian forest fires. Still it is a beautiful sight. With the fire now under control, we hope you will join us to look at more sunsets.

Happy Summer.
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