We know the Trailer Industry.
One word sums it up. EXPERIENCE.

ALG is a valued supplier to the Trailer industry, producing parts for some of the top manufacturers for many years. From vehicle identification plates to safety and logo decals, we understand this industry's unique requirements and work hand-in-hand with each manufacturer's design and engineering team to incorporate all the specs needed.

Our Sales Team has over 50 years combined experience providing custom decal solutions to our OEM customers. We manufacture proven Trailer industry products every day in our plant, providing on-time shipping and excellent customer service.
Having problems with:
Inferior printing?
´╗┐Performance in outdoor conditions?
Poor adhesion?
On-time deliveries?

We can help.

´╗┐We manufacture parts for some of the biggest names in the Trailer industry. That doesn't happen by chance.

By delivering a quality printed product, that performs well in outdoor conditions, with on-time delivery AND standing behind the products we produce, has built our customer list over the years.

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Below you will find some of the detailed REASONS why our manufactured products consistently perform to the level required.
Outdoor Durable
It starts with ALG Premium Vinyl, introduced over 20 years ago with a proven outdoor performance record.

Extended Lifespan
ALG Premium Vinyl is a proven outdoor durable material with a minimum lifespan of 5-7 years.

High-Adhesion Performance
ALG Premium Vinyl provides high-strength adhesion able to adhere to inconsistent or textured surfaces. This material has good initial tack which allows for fast application even with a temperature application as low as 32 degrees.

Conformability and Stability
ALG Premium Vinyl performs well in conformability, allowing for a good "fit" to the surface with limited material memory to prevent lifting and curling.

This product also combines good dimensional stability, which prevents exposure of adhesive residue that can cause shrinkage.

Value and Performance

ALG Premium Vinyl has long term performance and is a commodity product, making it a great value to our customers. We run millions of square inches of this proven product on an annual basis for OEMs that continue to count on the performance and value.

ALG offers two main types of reflective products used in a wide range of trailer applications: Engineer Grade and High Intensity. Both products exceed the requirements of ASTM D4956 with an outdoor rating of 7+ years.

These retro-reflective materials are able to retro-reflect light at a particular set of observation and entrance angles to meet or exceed federal guidelines.

The overall applications consist of making the sides or rear of vehicles, trailers and heavy equipment visible for nighttime detection.

ALG Safety Colors
The "WOW" factor of most decals is how vibrant the colors are when first printed and how close they retain those colors when exposed to outdoor elements as time moves on.

ALG Safety Colors were developed to deliver premium color with significant outdoor durability. The performance of ALG Safety Colors continues to be tested and proven with over 20+ years in the field.

ALG Safety Colors are matched to the ANSI approved standards.

Our Services
ALG Customer Service Professionals
At ALG we take customer care seriously. It starts with our Customer Service team, who are dedicated in providing exceptional customer care every day, to every customer.

They know the importance in taking the time to listen and understand each customer's unique needs and applications, so they can provide the best possible manufacturing options, value and quality in producing your custom label or decal.

From pricing and providing custom quotes, options for inventory management, producing first articles and prototypes, handling rush orders and more, our Customer Service team is committed to making "doing business with ALG", the easiest thing you do.

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