Phenotyping Systems Designed by Plant Scientists to your Specific Requirements  
When considering the acquisition of a plant phenotyping system, it is critical to engage with a company that has a full understanding of your requirements, as well your research objectives.  Together, Qubit Phenomics and Photon Systems Instruments employ almost 100 plant scientists, optical engineers, electronics technologists and software specialists who provide free consultation and options for your current and future requirements.  We are actively engaged in the research community, with scientific collaborations worldwide.  We are not just a provider of equipment, we are an extension of your research team.     

Unique Equipment
Our strength is in constant innovation.  We were the first company to  offer a PAM imaging system for chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics, and we are still the only company that  integrates comprehensive PAM technology into phenotyping platforms.  Our Fluorcams are featured in hundreds of publications.
Unsatisfied with the quality of hyperspectral cameras from third party manufacturers, we designed and built our own VNIR and SWIR cameras with far greater accuracy and resolution than those in other systems. We know what is possible, and we make it happen.  
Sensible Field Designs
Unlike fixed gantry systems designed to scan a limited area, our field phenotyping systems may be moved from site to site.  Gantry and tractor-based systems may be fitted with our full suite of imaging arrays for synchronous measurements, all referenced against integrated standards.  Environmental data are collected simultaneously for metaphenomic analyses. 
From Concept to Execution - Integrated Phenomics Facilities
Whether you require a simple imaging system with manual loading, or an extensive Cultivation Hall with environmental control and automated phenotyping, we can meet your needs precisely.  Our design procedures involve the provision of initial concept drawings, site visits, detailed schematics for approval, and consultation throughout the acquisition process with researchers, site managers, architects and IT personnel.  We leave nothing to chance, and we move as quickly as you need us to. 

And Let's Not Forget Roots
Qubit Phenomics is proud to be an exclusive distributor of the Rhizocab TM root imaging system developed at INRA (Dijon).  The entire root system may be imaged at high resolution in just 20 seconds.  Roots grown in Rhizotubes are similar in all essential details to roots grown in soil.  The Rhizocab system may be combined with the PlantScreen system  to enable whole plant phenotyping.
Try it First
We strongly encourage our clients to visit us at our new state-of-the-art  Plant Phenotyping Centre in Europe.  Here, you may view our full range of imaging equipment, as well as our controlled environment rooms, chambers and greenhouses.  You may interact with our plant scientists and see all of our PlantScreen systems in operation.  We are always happy to demonstrate our products and prove our expertise. Confidential fee-for-service phenotyping can also be arranged. 
Phenotyping Conference
            (IPAP 2018)
Please join us in Prague for the 3rd International Plant and Algal Phenotyping Conference to be held between August 26th and 29th 2018, with optional workshops at our Plant Phenotyping Research Centre.  Click HERE for details and registration.
Qubit Phenomics on the Road

Please drop by the Qubit Phenomics booth at the following conferences:

Algal Bio Conference                                            Seattle, USA                        June 11th to 13th 2018
Society for Experimental Biology                  Florence, Italy                     July 3rd to July 6th 2018
American Society of Plant Biology                Montreal, Canada             July  14th to 18th 2018
Int. Plant and Algal Phenotyping                   Prague, Czech Rep.          Aug 26th to 29th 2018
Int. Plant Phenotyping Symposium              Adelaide, Australia           Oct 2nd to 5th 2018    
ASA, CSSA and SSSA                                           Baltimore, USA                  Nov 4th to 7th 2018