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August 2015

Recently we have been showcasing our standard modular punching stations - click here to see why Multicyl is the best power source for modular tooling and tube piercing applications. 

And don't forget - Multicyl is also an excellent option for custom or unique die set applications as well. 

This application is a perfect example - we designed a dedicated Multicyl station to punch the handles in this plastic garbage can. 

Whether you need to power your modular or standard tooling or you have a unique application like this contact us for a quote.
For a quote on your custom requirement  contact us! 

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Tonnage CalculatorUse our Tonnage Calculator to determine your force requirements.

To use our tonnage calculator select either the hole diameter or shear length option. Then select your material  or fill in the tensile strength of the material you are using (KSI). Fill in the rest of the data and hit calculate. You will be given the tonnage requirement and a list of potential Multicyl cylinders for the application.

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