Partitions Please.

Partitions existed well before COVID, and Berbere has long supplied them for both commercial and residential applications. We were recently commissioned by Stefan at the famous West Hollywood Petite Hermitage Hotel for custom partitions that incorporate iron and glass in a stunningly modern re-visitation of Deco. Thanks to Stefan for being such a great client all these years!

Gone are the days of hideous monochromatic fabric partitions. Mandalas or Moucharabi on mobile frames for space divisions, anyone? How about 18th century Alexandria doors refashioned for partitioning larger spaces. Would you prefer smaller dividers made of remnant wood or custom moldings for table space in restaurants?

Regardless of your need, much like our custom doors, Berbere can make artistically resplendent partitions and is only limited by your imagination (and, of course, your client’s budget.)

Do not hesitate to call us for additional details.

Love and blessings,