A Rigid Wing Hang Glider!

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Customer Spotlight: Sebastian's ATOS Rigid Wing Hang Glider with Custom Stripes 

Here's something we've never encountered before: a customer with a rigid wing hang glider! This comes from Sebastian Domingo of NLR Motorsports Electronics in Alabama: it's an A-I-R USA ATOS VRS, which is just about the nicest hang glider we've ever seen!

Sebastian contacted us back in January, asking for some color swatches and a quote on some curiously long custom stripes - 1 inch by 9 feet! We had a hard time trying to figure out why he needed such long, thin stripes, so we asked him to send us a picture, and he sent us this:

So, of course we had to get some more details.

Sebastian contacted Ben Herring, one of the owners of A-I-R USA, and had him send us these VRS glider specs:

DHV Certified
Recommended Pilot Weight (Birthday Suit Weight), 99-176 lbs
Minimum Sink: 128 ft/min
Glider Weight: 83 lbs
Wing Span: 39.4 ft
Wing Area: 131 soft
Aspect Ratio: 12.2
Minimum Take-Off Weight (including wing): 176 lbs
Maximum Take-Off Weight (including wing): 379 lbs
Max Speed: 63 mph
Typical Time Aloft: 90 minutes
Record Distance: 407 miles
Transport Dimensions, 13.1 x .5 x .7 ft
Rigging Time, 13-18 minutes
Price:  $25-30k
Website:    http://www.a-i-r-usa.com 

Here are 3 videos (make sure to view them Full Screen for total immersion)
Video 1
Video 2
Sebastian also produced a pattern for the winglets, mailed it to us to be scanned, digitized, and cut in the same fluorescent red.  They can be seen in the first picture.  All in the name of increased visibility while up in the air.  Smart.

Thank you, Sebastian and Ben!

That's it for this week!

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