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Thank You to Our Thousands of Elite Customers!
We are very excited to announce that TREMEC has appointed Silver Sport Transmissions as one of its Elite Distributors.  It is a great honor to be recognized in this fashion by such a superb company as TREMEC.

Jack Silver and Jim Avrill
What does this designation mean to SST?  Well it certainly means we sell a lot of PerfectFit™ kits which feature TREMEC transmissions, modified to fit your specific cars.   But, we are not just interested in selling lots of transmissions; there are several companies which can do this.

When we started SST in 2014, our main goal was to revolutionize the market niche we participate in.  SST's vision was and is to be recognized as the market leader in quality TREMEC products, development of new applications using TREMEC transmissions, and customer service.  

We put together the best customer representatives and service people in the industry.  And, the only in-house Engineering department 100% dedicated to developing new PerfectFit™ kits and improving our products.

SST recognizes that you deserve to receive Elite treatment and we strive to provide that at all times.  We are recognized as the market leader in providing outstanding customer service.  SST kits work as advertised and we stand behind them.

When I receive messages like:

"I have said it before and will say it again, if you want the best overdrive in the industry, choose SST. You and your team are the best.   Funny thing, my wife was looking at the parts in my kit with me and came across my shifter lever. She asked me if I was going to use it or switch out to a ----- lever, and I and said absolutely no way! I am very proud to advertise your logo and wear the SST logo on my shifter lever. " -  Rick 7/24/16
- Or -
"I am a retired IBM Exec. I ran all product Service for the state of New York and Connecticut (except Manhattan). My people had to be the best at what they did but I instilled in all of them that the customers not only wanted high skills they wanted to feel that their problem was all that mattered to that IBM employee. "Customers don't care what you know until they know that you care" You and your team exude that..." -  John 7/21/16

then I know we are accomplishing our vision.

Thank you Jim and all our friends at TREMEC for recognizing our efforts.   In celebration of this milestone, we are declaring August "Elite Customer Recognition Month" and offering a discount of $250 on all PerfectFit™ kits featuring SST modified TREMEC 5 and 6 speed transmissions.

PerfectFit™ Kits
All TREMEC 5 & 6 Speed PerfectFit Kits
In celebration of our Elite Customers and our Elite Distributor status with TREMEC we are offering a $250 discount through the month of August! Celebrate with us by claiming your discount today!

Offer Expires 8/31/16.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers.
NEW TREMEC 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit!

E-Body and Late B-Body MOPARS can now install a TREMEC 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit that will put the shifter back in the factory location and allow the factory console to be retained! The result is a completely factory look - save the extra gears on the shift pattern on the pistol grip handle. We now have a 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kit for all A, B, and E-bodies with consoles.  Call us to request a quick quote 888-609-0023 and remember, this month is our customer appreciation month, so all TREMEC kits are $250 off!
How To: Install a 6-Speed into a GM A-Body
Well, they were live. You can watch the video of the shop tour and of the HAAS machine cutting TREMEC TKO top plates on their Facebook page.
Mopar Muscle
And... speaking of Facebook pages, if you haven't checked out our Facebook page lately, you've missed out on lots of photos, videos, and a few fun or informational posts as well. Check it out!
Big Easy Motors on History
We told you last month about "Big Easy Motors" on the History channel which stars our authorized installation center, The Bomb Factory. So far the show is quite entertaining. There are two new episodes airing tonight at 10/9c on History.  If you want to check out the episodes you've missed, they are available online.  Tonight, you'll see them bring a '59 Corvette and a Maverick street machine back to life. Keep an eye out, you may just see our shop banner hanging in the shop or one of the guys wearing our red SST cap.  The first 100 people to screen grab or take a photo of our cap or banner on tv and send it to us will get a SST cap for free! (Lower 48 states only, please.)  Email images to
Upcoming Car Shows
Mopar Nationals - Columbus, OH - August 12-14
Brazen A41 Automatic
We will be at Mopar Nats in Columbus, Ohio August 12-14th. You can also see Kevin Shaw's '69 Dodge Charger R/T "Brazen" put our A41 Automatic 4-speed to the test on the drag strip.  When he's not racing, his car will be under our tent for you to stop by and see.  Read more about Brazen and the A41 installation on Mopar Connection.  Learn more about the Mopar Nats and register here.
LS Fest - Bowling Green, KY - September 9-11
A celebration of everything and anything powered by the GM LS (or LT) engine, this show is FULL of events like racing, drifting, dyno challenges as well as the usual display of beautiful cars, trucks and rods. There's something for everyone. Learn more and register here.
SEMA - Las Vegas, NV - November 1-4
SEMA ShowIf you're going to be at SEMA, let us know! Jack Silver and Jeff Kauffman will be networking and looking for more authorized installation centers. Send us an email if you'll be at the show and would like to meet with them.
We would normally include a few testimonials and photos of our customer's cars at the end of the newsletter, but we have SO MANY waiting in line for their turn to be featured, this month we put them on the website. We love seeing our customer's cars and we love to display them for everyone to enjoy, so keep sending us photos!  Check out all the testimonials here.
Want to see your car featured in our newsletter?  Send a testimonial and photos to

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