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Dear HCEG Colleagues and Friends:

As with most everything in the world the last few months, this Memorial Day weekend will be different for all of us. 
In addition to remembering those who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we enjoy in America, let’s also thank those on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle working to protect and restore the health and well-being of our nation. This is a new battle ground for so many of us.

While the month of May has not been very merry for too many people, and the start of summer will be challenged, it has been a busy month for HCEG, our sponsors, and our partners. I am pleased to share some of this with you in this newsletter.

  • The Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) held their first ever virtual conference over a 3-day period on May 4th, 6th, and 7th. WEDI has graciously shared select content with us to share with you.
  • On Cinco de Mayo, I moderated a webinar hosted by our partner World Health Care Congress on the silver lining of COVID-19 being an acceleration of healthcare innovations.
  • And yesterday, our sponsor Zipari presented our May 2020 Webinar Series event, a workshop entitled “Breaking Through the Barriers to Better Consumer Experience.“ 

All of the rapidly emerging innovations and collaborations addressing the COVID-19 pandemic just reinforce for me that we have a reason to be hopeful and optimistic for a better healthcare future as a country. We all know it will take time, and there will be stops and starts as we begin to slowly reconnect, resume work and other activities, and find that new normal that we are all looking for.  

Our plans for the next few weeks include:
  • Exploring a new ‘crowdsourcing approach’ to identifying topics for our June 2020 Webinar Series event on Security - ranked #10 on the 2020 HCEG Top 10 list. Please take our short survey to help us make this webinar as valuable as possible to you and your organization.
  • Creating a new Resource/Knowledge Center channel to share across our digital channels. We’ve developed taxonomies to help drill down to the specific information, insight, ideas – and opinions – of value to healthcare leaders and change-makers.

Take a minute or two to scan this newsletter for information of potential value.

Keep smiling and keep well!

Executive Director
The HealthCare Executive Group (HCEG)
Surviving & Thriving Beyond COVID-19
In just a couple of months’ time, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted healthcare delivery across the world in ways that most health plans, health systems, provider organizations, health information exchanges, government and non-governmental standards & research organizations were simply not prepared for.

In this short period of time, healthcare organizations have implemented many transformation initiatives (such as telehealth) that had been in the planning stages for years. And old ways of working are being radically redesigned.

Check out our latest blog post Surviving Coronavirus Pandemic & Thriving on the Other Side: Rapid Innovation & Telehealth for information shared by our partners and sponsors this month.
Carolyn Wukitch, SVP and GM of Network and Financial Management at Change Healthcare, talks with Matt Eyles about the myriad challenges payers, their members, and their provider networks face during the COVID-19 pandemic; and what our post-pandemic future might look like.

Near-term and longer-term actions to support members throughout the pandemic while investing long-term to improve products and reduce costs.

Recovery from the initial wave of this pandemic presents a window of opportunity for the health sector to rapidly transform. To ensure that the best changes are retained, health systems must take steps to lock in these improvements.

US health leaders say that building a better customer experience for patients is a top priority. Yet, a gap remains between where companies need to be and where they are today. The primary reason for this gap is that the US health industry is not able to reap the full potential of data being generated about American health consumers.

HCEG Webinars & Events
Navigating Information Security in the New World
Our June 2020 Webinar Series Event “Navigating Information Security in the New World” is presented by Change Healthcare .

Help define and shape the agenda and content for this webinar by taking this short survey to inform us about the specific cyber-security related information that will benefit you and your company.

And register today to join us on Thursday, June 11th, 2020 | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST
Knowledge Center for Healthcare Leaders & Change-Makers
Coming Soon!
As part of our movement toward expanding and enhancing our ability to share information, insight, and ideas, we’re updating our website to include a Resource/Knowledge Center.

HCEG original content, information curated from industry insiders, and content from our sponsors, partners, and 3rd parties will be made available and supported by a taxonomy developed by healthcare professionals.
Sponsor & Partner Announcements
How to Deliver a Superior Member Experience
Read this new white paper from Zipari on how to:

  • Break through the barriers to drive members to complete healthcare goals 
  • Measure the value of CX and self-service to generate ROI
  • Optimize self-service features to keep members engaged
  • Exceed customer expectations and deliver effective member experiences strong enough to reduce costs and keep members satisfied

Survey Says: Specialty Pharmacists Want More Time for Patient Care
Half of specialty pharmacists say the average specialty prescription takes at least four days to fill and wait times of seven to 10 days aren’t uncommon. While specialty medications can be lifesaving, they can also make life complicated for those who take, prescribe and dispense them. 

This new survey from Surescripts shows that health IT has lots of room to make things simpler for specialty pharmacists.
Remote Healthcare Options to Address Chronic Health Issues
I n response to COVID-19, more health plans and members are turning to remote healthcare options to address chronic health issues and avoid non-essential visits to medical facilities. In May, Hinge Health published the world’s largest digital musculoskeletal study proving that remote exercise therapy combined with coaching sessions directly reduced chronic pain, depression, and anxiety.

White House Hot Spot and Montana Mermaids
Matthew Albright, chief legislative affairs officer, at Zelis Healthcare adds some commentary on how officials from Washington DC to our nation’s heartland are weighing economic and public health concerns and legislative actions impacted by COVID-19 against each other.

Be Prepared for SOC II + HITRUST [Video]
IT security has always been important, but with a large percentage of people working from home it’s now even more critical. 

Learn how SOC II audits and HITRUST certification can help your healthcare organization’s IT security efforts.

More About HCEG Sponsor Partners
 Learn more about our sponsors and the products and services they offer healthcare organizations here .
Recapping May 2020 Webinar Series

On May 21st, our sponsor Zipari presented a Consumer Experience (CX) framework for health plans to prioritize and manage consumer messages and goals and maximize ROI.

Check out these highlights shared on Twitter during the Breaking Through the Barriers to Better Consumer Experience webinar and look for additional information in a recap blog post coming soon.
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