Serving as Critical Eyes and Ears
Careful training increases safety and security for all
The Employee Security and Awareness Program (ESAP) provides each of our team members extra training to help spot potentially dangerous situations. This additional awareness training has helped to head off would-be tragedies, return lost valuables and comfort those in need. Facility managers have long appreciated this added level of awareness.
In two instances, Sunshine restroom attendants found suspicious items in the trash. In the first situation, a real gun was discovered when the trash was emptied. The team member discretely moved the trash into a nearby janitor’s closet and notified her supervisor immediately. Separately, an attendant discovered a stun gun in the restroom trash. She also quietly wrapped it in a towel and transferred it to her trash barrel. Once outside of the crowded restroom, she handed it to a nearby police officer. For quickly responding as trained, both employees were given the ESAP award.

This instructor-led training, which is provided as part of new employee orientation for all workers and is repeated periodically as refresher training, emphasizes the importance of using discretion and deferring specific actions to authorities and supervisors.

In all instances, workers are instructed to be careful and confidential, to avoid getting directly involved but to report any worrisome circumstances to their supervisors or human resources representatives. Sunshine has a detailed procedure for staff members to follow when reporting sensitive information. We have seen firsthand that well trained employees can serve as critical sources of information. Their observations have and will continue to help provide safer environments for our customers and their staff and clients.
Moose Award
Congratulations Jose Rivas!
Kudos to Sunshine team member who works at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Jose Rivas, for receiving the coveted Moose Award for receiving this glowing message below from a recent traveler:

“I went to the restroom on my way home and observed the custodian providing some very helpful and courteous assistance to someone, simple instructions on how to get the paper towel to feed. Then I noticed how clean the restroom was. So, I wanted to speak to this guy and noticed the Sunshine logo. … Very professional and polite. . . . A good man for Sunshine.”
Robert Stewart, CBSE
Director of Member Advisory
Building Service Contractors Association International (BSCAI)

About the Moose Award

The Moose Award was created in honor of Sunshine Founder Larry Calufetti, whose nickname was “Moose.” The recognition is given to employees who exemplify Larry’s “Dream Team Principals” (Honest, Nice, Team Player, Communicator, Innovative) as well as the company’s values (Trustworthy, Respectful, Teamwork, Innovative, Safety.)
Sunshine Executives Do Good on the Greens
Golfing for a good cause...
Photos: (l to r) Randy Kierce, Stalin Flores, Mike Woodson and Derek Auckland

We were proud to sponsor a foursome at a golf tournament in May to benefit our customer, Christ Church School and Church. The annual event, which was held for the 23rd year, took place at Coral Ridge Country Club in Fort Lauderdale.
Do Your Floors Look Like This?
Taking floor care to the next level
Gleaming floors don’t just happen by magic, especially in high traffic areas. At Sunshine, we understand that the condition of the floor reflects your image and is a visitor’s first impression. Our teams are carefully trained to care for all floor surfaces, including hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, terrazzo, vinyl, mosaics, concrete, rubber and all varieties of composites. Sunshine experts do more than clean, however. We understand the importance of and know how to handle regular maintenance, special polishing as needed, and restoration.
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