Sunshine Helps Schools Return With Hygienic Clean
Several private South Florida schools have trusted Sunshine Cleaning Systems ( to prepare their campuses for the return of students, including Westminster Academy in Fort Lauderdale. The school instituted stepped-up procedures, such as an increase in the number of cleaning staff, nightly electrostatic spraying in all interior spaces, the removal of rugs and other materials determined to attract germs, and thorough disinfecting of all areas used by students and staff.

The school contracted Sunshine to implement a multi-step process to ensure their campus was completely disinfected and sanitized, and virus prevention measures are put in place.
Among the steps Sunshine cleaning professionals take include pre-cleaning of all surfaces with a full disinfection wipe-down, and then using an electrostatic sprayer to apply disinfectant. If a COVID-19 infection is identified, the Sunshine team is available 24/7 to apply immediate disinfecting and electrostatic spraying procedures to all affected areas.
Shining a Light on Randy Kierce, Chief Operations Officer
Randy’s first job at Sunshine in 1978 was as a part-time window cleaner. A Broward College baseball player, his coach and Sunshine founder, Larry Calufetti, offered all players summer and part-time jobs. Randy took full advantage of that opportunity and continued to work on and off for Larry for the next 10 years, even when he played at East Carolina University.

In 1989, Randy returned to baseball as a professional scout and operator of a baseball academy but continued to remain close to Larry and his family. His career took him to the Montreal Expos and finally the Florida Marlins. Then in 2006, he saw an opportunity to return to Sunshine. The company had more than doubled in size and Larry was balancing his love for growing the business with the daily operational duties. Randy stepped in to help as the “Very Important President’s Assistant or VIPA,” as Larry dubbed him.

He still remembers what remains one of his favorite career moments in 1985 when Sunshine won the contract to serve the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport, a relationship that remains in place today.

Fourteen years after becoming VIPA, Randy continues to guide Sunshine as COO. “Always giving more than the customer expects, following through with promises, doing quality work and being available 24/7” are among the qualities he says continue to make Sunshine stand out in the industry.

Randy is also a proud family man, having recently celebrated 41 years of marriage to his wife, Darlene “Dee.” Together, they raised three daughters and now enjoy three grandchildren. Besides precious family time, he enjoys golfing and staying in touch with a few of the players he guided, including the current general manager of the Atlanta Braves.
As in baseball, Randy says that the leaders at Sunshine are always looking for ways to get even better. “I try to hire people willing to be trained like I was -- people willing to do the work, get things done and make customers happy,” he said.

We’re proud to announce that our contract with the Rental Car Center at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has been extended for six months.
Proudly Serving the Charlotte Community Since 2010

Among our Carolina customers are:

  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport:
  • Care of terrazzo floors
  • Surface cleaning of parking lots and roadways
  • Ramp Cleaning and pressure washing services
  • Wilson Air
  • Day porter services
  • Columbia Municipal Airport
  • Cleaning and maintenance of terrazzo floors and carpet
Facial Recognition Clock-In for Sunshine Staff
With Findd’s mobile facial recognition, you get state-of-the-art biometrics on any mobile device. Why is facial recognition superior to fingerprint readers, hand readers, or other biometric systems?

New technology, using Findd’s mobile facial recognition, has been installed at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The state-of-the-art biometrics can be used on any mobile device and applies facial recognition time tracking, as well as biometric hand recognition technology.
Finger or hand punch readers can result in mistaken identity or ghost employees. Being able to answer the critical questions of “who, where and when?” about each employee at all times, allows management to more clearly focus on getting the work completed for our customers.
Use Color Coded Cloths
The Sunshine team uses a system of colored cloths to prevent cross contamination, a simple policy anyone can follow, even at home:

  • Red – restrooms
  • Blue – glass
  • Green – general cleaning
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