We had the opportunity to catch up with Quadra Industrial Services, who has incorporated Smart Indexing into their tube bundle cleaning process. Quadra Industries, an Envirosystems company,  was faced with the task of cleaning re-boiler exchangers in MacKenzie, British Columbia. One specific re-boiler, a 32" diameter vertical sheet with 1.5" tubes, was addressed to be cleaned with a Peinemann Dual Lance XLTC Hose Feeder on a Flex Frame X/Y Indexing System. Yet, after the operator was removed from the blast zone to a safe distance, visibility of the tube face was limited due to the extended distance, the vertical position of the reboiler, and the surrounding dimmed lighting.

Enter the Peinemann Flex Frame Retro-Fit Kit, which Quadra used to mount the Terydon Smart Indexing to the existing Flex Frame X/Y Indexer. The Smart Indexing technology allowed the operator to navigate accurately and consistently from tube to tube with the single click of a button, eliminating any error that may surface through manual operation.


"At Quadra, we are aggressively pursuing the best technology available in order to be the leader in waterblasting. Adding Smart Indexing and the Lunch Box to our Peinemann system enabled us to not only have wireless control, but increase production through Smart Indexing."
- Jason Kydd, Operations Manager

"Low light, steam, and visibility are not going to slow you down anymore." 
- Keith Tellier, Operator

Keith Tellier was an end-user on site, and shared his input as well. 
"This was my first time using the Terydon Smart Indexing, Retro-Fitted to the Flex Frame and Peinemann Dual XLTC. The setup of the tool is easy and painless. 
All in all this is an amazing tool that gets people away from danger and makes the job safer and much more efficient."

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