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1 October, 2018


Greetings from BBI!

Today's competitive broadcasting environment means that we all must be better, we all must work smarter. Bryson Broadcasting International (BBI) is committed to helping broadcast organizations worldwide to raise their level of expertise in sales and management.

Our newsletters give you information about sales and marketing that you may use to increase your revenue. We hope that you may find them to be of great benefit to your sales success. Happy selling!
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Customer Service Alert!
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For All Of You In Kentucky
Words To Live By...
We Want To Help Your Staff Increase Revenue.
Customer Service Alert!        

  A few weeks ago, I needed two items that a quick search on the Internet showed me should be available at Best Buy. I'm rabid about buying from store fronts since most of our business comes from local sources, and, though Best Buy isn't local, they do have a store I can walk into, see and touch the merchandise, and have someone to answer questions. But, I spoke too quickly. Yes, I could walk in, but I never found what I was looking for, nor was there anyone available to assist me. So, I walked out, money still in my wallet. I returned home and ordered the two items off the Internet. Amazon got my money.   


What hit me as I drove away is that businesses today must be VERY good at turning foot traffic into sales. If they don't capture the potential consumer, the consumer will go elsewhere. It is too easy today to sit in your bed in your PJ's and order whatever you wish. It will show up at your door in a day or so. Local businesses must engender loyalty and over-the-top customer service to remain competitive. Sadly, it is rare to find that type of service.
Which brings me to the good news. I was sweating away at my Jazzercise class when the instructor shared a story with us about her experience at Einstein Bagels. She was taking her daughter back-to-school shopping and had gone through the drive through to get a bagel with cream cheese and a water. Total $2.08. As she got her wallet to pay, no wallet!  She was mortified (three cars behind her in line), apologized profusely and told the window clerk she had forgotten her wallet and would need to go home and get it. Before she drove away, the clerk gave her the bagel. "It's on us."
My instructor did go home, did get her wallet and did return to Einstein Bagels to pay. They refused her money!
The moral to this story is this: This story was told in front of 40 women, many of whom will now view Einstein Bagels in a positive light. They will probably make a point of going there because female consumers want to support "white hat" businesses. They will go out of their way to do so.  
You can't buy the type of advertising and good will that the gift of a $2.08 order engendered.  
Please remind your clients that going the extra mile with consumers will pay off. Not doing so can be lethal. And, we should remember this when dealing with our clients..We need to find ways to please our clients to the extent that they will refer us to other business owners they know.   
There are many ways to advertise today.  We must become the "source" of marketing knowledge for our clients and the purveyors of exceptional service.
The Client's Corner
Borrell Associates recently released the figures that advertisers using a combination of traditional and digital media increased by 20% in the past year. 90% of advertisers they surveyed said they use both digital and non-digital advertising in their media mix. That's up from 75% last year. Only 4% surveyed relied solely on digital advertising.  
Those of us who have heard, " I'm only using Facebook" in the last few years should rejoice in these statistics. The pendulum is swinging back. Businesses are realizing that "likes" do not always translate into "sales".  Traditional media drives brand awareness.  
 For all of you in Kentucky...... 

I'll be speaking at the Kentucky Broadcasters Convention October 8 and 9 in Bowling Green.  The sessions are " Why
 Do Clients Buy From Us" and "Getting To 'Yes' Today." 
Hope to see you in the sessions!                         

 Words to Live By......

  "Goodwill is the one and only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy."

                                           Marshall Field                                  

We want to help your staff increase revenue! We at Bryson Broadcasting International are available to help your sales staff achieve its next level of expertise.  We customize our programs to meet your needs.  As needed, we make use of interpreters and produce sales materials in your language. If you would like to discuss your sales training needs, we may be reached at, or call us at 918.747.8774. 
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A little about me.....
Pat a8704 ch
Pat Bryson has worked in the radio industry for over 30 years. During that time, she was one of the highest billing sales people in the radio industry in her market. She was promoted to General Sales Manager, managing and training both experienced and inexperienced sales people . Her career advanced to General Manager, where Pat  created a culture of over achievement for her stations.
Through Bryson Broadcasting International, Pat now helps her clients to create that same culture of over achievement in their stations.
Pat is one of Radio Ink's Most Influential Women in Radio for 2018. 
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