Westone announces customer service improvements, price adjustments, including new lower pricing on a large portion of our catalog items, and updated ear impression guidelines.

Westone is excited to announce improvements to several of our customer service features. For over 60 years Westone has been dedicated to the audiology community by committing ourselves to outstanding quality, the utmost in customer service, and living by the Golden Rule; our motto and one of our founding principles we stand behind each and every day
  1. Email notification of acceptance of your custom-fit earpiece orders
  2. An updated and improved order form for all custom-fit earpiece orders
  3. Reduction of prices across a broad range of our catalog product offering and a small price increase in our custom-fit earpiece product line
  4. Updated ear impression quality guidelines to help you make a good impression
  5. Newly updated 2020 Catalog and Earpiece Price List

Starting March 2, 2020, Westone will offer our customers the option of providing an email address with each and every custom-fit earpiece order. When your order has gone into production, we will provide email notification that your order has been accepted.

This email notification will provide you with a link to register/log-in to our WebEar portal, allowing you to track your custom-fit earpiece orders in real time. Many of our customers already use WebEar and we encourage you to sign up for this FREE order-tracking portal. 

We have made important changes to our custom-fit earpiece ORDER FORM, which will supersede previous versions.

Please use this new ORDER FORM for all future orders.

Westone is happy to announce that we have reduced prices on over 30% of our catalog product offering. Of particular note, we have reduced prices on many of our batteries, and on a large selection of additional items used daily, by many of your patients.

While we have been able to make widespread price decreases across our catalog product offering, we have experienced material and manufacturing cost increases in the production of custom-fit earpieces, over the past three years. We have had to make small price increases (far below the average CPI over the past three years) to our line of custom-fit earpiece products. We will continue to provide FREE of charge, your choice of color, color treatment, and venting options. In addition, we will continue to offer FREE two-way shipping via the U.S. Postal Service as well as FREE digital storage of 100% of all incoming ear impressions.

As the market leader in custom-fit earpieces, Westone takes great pride in each and every one that we have made. Along the way we have developed a deep understanding of the importance of a great ear impression. A custom-fit earpiece that we manufacture can only be as good as the impression we receive. We share in your desire to provide your patients the quality fit and function they deserve and have found that ear impression quality is a leading factor in creating a positive fit and experience. To assist in getting the correct fitting custom-fit earpiece product the first time, Westone has established ear impression quality standards to help in determining whether an ear impression is acceptable for the product being ordered. You can find our guide to “Making a Good Impression” HERE and our NEW guide for "Impression Mistakes to Avoid" HERE.
As part of our dedication to “Making a Good Impression”, Westone is proud to support dozens of University Audiology programs with our FREE student and professor ear impression training kits.  We know how important it is to “Make a Good Impression” the first time.


Our newly updated catalog and earpiece price list are available online for registered Westone Customers.

Click here to log-in or create an online account.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that Westone offers several online ways to improve your order making and tracking.

Become a registered Westone Partner and you will have access to Westone’s Partner Portal which which will provide you with a wide assortment of tools to help you in marketing your practice.

The entire Westone team appreciates your business and we look forward to serving you, as you make a difference in the lives of those who deserve only the best in custom-fit hearing instrument earpieces, hearing protection products, and audiology supplies.

Terry Conrad - President | Cathy McKinney - Director of Operations | Jeff Ipson - Director of Sales
Jessica Strauss - Customer Care Team Manager