August 2019

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Web Portal Benefits
Are you utilizing our web portal to access your messages, on call tables, reports and employee contact list? If not, you're missing out on a tool designed to make your work flow more streamlined. Web portal is a free, added benefit to your existing service. Make updates and changes when it’s convenient for you!

Our web portal creates efficiency, improves access to important information, collects all information in one safe place, allows our team to be on the same page as your team, and saves on administrative work.
Customer Service 101

The Complainer Solution
Look beyond the frustrated complaint and pay attention to what is being said. Let them vent. Repeat back what you think is being said.

The Expert Solution
Allow the expert to tell you all about your business and don't take it personally. Ask questions. Use clarifying statements. Give them options.

The Pessimist Solution
Stay ultra positive and lead them to the bright side of the conversation.

The Staller Solution
Drill into this customers' needs and provide real solutions. Give them all the facts they need so they can present your product.
Holiday Hours - Labor Day
Are you closed or closing early for Labor Day? Are you closing the day before or the day after the holiday?

Let us know of any changes in your schedule so we may inform and serve you and your clients effectively.
Industry News

AT&T and Uber have established a partnership aiming to solve congestion in major cities using 5G-powered flying taxis.

Uber has been working on electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) for some time as part of its UberAir initiative. The ride-hailing giant’s partnership with AT&T will ensure the future taxis have access to a reliable 5G network.

Commercial buildings are getting smarter. They now include a growing variety of technologies that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) phenomena. Across the globe, new buildings are being constructed with both wired and wireless IoT infrastructure that enables innovation.

The benefit of a digital wallet is that, for both online and offline transactions, it enables the wallet user to easily make secure, quick transactions, thereby removing the requirement for a plastic card -- or the need to enter bank account details for every online purchase.

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