About pHresh Products
Can you tell us a little about your company?
Maintain Health. Not sickness. That's what it's all about. It's the reason why we are committed to inspire well-being (from the inside out). We strive for SMILES. We profit from POSITIVITY. We hold our HEALTH and HAPPINESS in our HEARTS. We are a TEAM.  We are a FAMILY. We are more than a business, we are a COMMUNITY.
How did you decide what packaging to use & what is pHresh trying to accomplish in the marketplace?


  We were looking for packaging that was BPA Free that gave a great canvas that would enhance our design elements. At pHresh Products, we are steadfast in our mission to change the world through proper education and nutrition. We create our products with true intention, focusing on preventative care and wellness.
What makes pHresh Products unique?

  Honestly, Transparency and Charity. We focus solution base thinking. For example: our flagship product pHresh greens?. More than 286 Million Americans are NOT eating their daily recommended servings of vegetables, and for the ones that do, the majority of them are not eating them RAW but; eating them from a frozen bag, canned, or it's cooked.

* Full Disclosure Label (know exactly what you are eating)

* Non GMO (sorry we have no genetically modified organisms)

* Gluten Free (celiac friendly)

* No Animal Products (vegan friendly and we love animals)

* Non Irradiated (we did not use radiation)

* No Sugar (sugar= acidic conditions)

* No Soy ( a lot of people are allergic and it may cause extra estrogen in men)

* No Preservatives (no need for anything other than greens)

* No Nuts ( a lot of people are allergic)

* No Herbicides & Pesticides (no poisons)

* No Dairy (vegan friendly)

* No Stimulants (clean energy/ no crash)

* BPA Free Container (we don't have the chemical Bisphenol A)


The Overnight Experience
How do we compare to other print/packaging vendors you use/ would you recommend ONL to others?
Quality, efficient, fast, and reliable. Yes, there's nothing better than recommending someone a product/ service knowing it will be a positive experience.
Overnight Labels wishes pHresh Products many years of success. For more info on pHresh Products, visit their website  at www.phreshproducts.com

One Stop Shop.


Overnight Labels has been printing Labels, Shrink Sleeves and Flexible Packaging for pHresh Products since 2012, thereby ensuring color consistency throughout their entire product line. At Overnight Labels, we take the time to understand your product offering and your marketing goals. We manufacture in the USA. For more information on what we can do for you brand please call 631.242.4240 , or email us at info@overnightlabels.com for your FREE possibilities kit!  

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