October 2019
Customer Success Partners

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Below I talk about managing partners for customer success, however even if you use partners for part of your customer success function you will likely still have some customer success expertise in your company. A recent survey of customer success salary data is available from Gainsight. The results indicate substantial growth in the number of positions and in potential career growth of customer success professionals. Given that, it will continue to be very important to measure your customer success organization.

One of the key measurements of your overall customer success is retention. This report from SaaS Capital shows the retention metrics for SaaS companies. It provides numbers and information on retention when you use sales partners, venture backed versus bootstrapped companies, vertical vs. horizontal applications and ACV size. All of these factors have some impact on gross and net retention. This report is definitely worth downloading if you are interested in more detailed information on current SaaS retention rates.

I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences with delivering cloud applications.

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   Selecting and Managing Customer Success Partners For Your SaaS Business    

If you haven't decided whether to use partners for customer success in your SaaS business, my post When should SaaS Startups Use Partners for Customer Success? will help you answer that question and answer when and where to use them. Assuming you do want to use partners to support your customer success effort, which partners should you use? If you are currently using partners to sell your SaaS products that is a good place to start but don't assume that all sales partners will make good customer success partners.

My new post on Selecting and Managing Customer Success Partners For Your SaaS Business will help you select and manage customer success partners. Given that you've selected an appropriate partner and provide them with partner on-boarding and ongoing management you can have a long successful relationship with your customer success partner. Remember that it is a partnership, that it will evolve and that communication and measurement is important.

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