Volume 59
May 12, 2021
Snapshots, For the Better
  • Opportune moments
  • Not Walmart
  • Customized Presentation Folders
  • Featured Left
  • Featured Right
  • Dual Educational Pathways
Triggered by patient-centric encounters, from first appointments to final fittings or community outreach, opportune moments arrive when printed information is shared. At these various times, how thoughtfully organized and engaging will pertinent details be to interested learners? While we never have second chances to make first impressions, customized presentation folders will ensure lasting impressions, professionally speaking.

Particularly when patients are determining whether to invest thousands of dollars in personalized solutions, or referral coordinators select whole-person care collaborators, being impressive is essential. From experience, we know this is what NOT to do…
Go to Walmart and get plain-looking folders with nondescript labels. With respect to your brand, reputation and potential influence, this shortcut is NOT a best practice. After years of developing your brand equity, is this the optimal way to present it?
In stark contrast, with professional intent, industry leaders develop useful presentation folders that are In Sight, In Mind with:

  • Well-Planned Templates
  • Modular Content
  • Easy and Quick Design Process
Your Impressive Introductions begin with an eye-catching and upscale look worthy of your distinguished practice. Together, we segue from “I have been wanting to do this for years” to co-creating, in differentiated ways which stimulate positive impact and practice growth.
“We don’t know where our first impressions come from
or precisely what they mean, so we don’t always
appreciate their fragility.”
— Malcolm Gladwell
As thought starters, we reference 5 popular folder styles with visually appealing fronts like these:

The folder backs mirror selected style and typically feature a scope of practice array detailing services you expertly provide. With the “folder as the holder”, attention-meriting focal points are inside.

Featured left are tiered inserts (11” / 10” / 9” / 8” / 7”) which, to various recipients, support telling your practice story. Popular layered selections include:
  • Diagnostic Codes & Accepted Insurances
  • Hearing Health Experts with professional pictures and biographies
  • Our Patients’ Say it Best testimonials
  • Professional Services with scope of practice details
  • Pathway to Better Hearing illustrating clinical flow

Once again, you will enjoy NOT having to reinvent the wheel. Instead, you choose desired templates, provide necessary inputs, customize easily and display confidently.

While featured left are widely applicable inserts, featured right are targeted educational handouts. High-impact selections (see link below) include:
  • Research-Based Referrals, emphasizing the importance of physician referrals
  • Health Literacy, focused on the vital role of hearing ability for healthcare consumers
  • The Initial Preventative Physical Examination (IPPE), to raise awareness of Medicare protocols
  • Hearing Handicap Inventory Screening, a relatively quick and quantifiable assessment
  • Mini-Mental State Examination, a preliminary assessment of cognitive function
  • Silence is Lonely poem, which elicits emotive connections

In addition, we offer almost 30 additional designs focused on hearing health conditions and comorbidities. All research-based, just imagine how educationally relevant these will be for the majority of folks you interact with, in practice and in community. From patient consultations to senior living centers or physician referrals and health fairs, your methodical communication will reputably convey why Better Hearing is Better Healthcare.
To see for yourself, please review our
With COVID-19 trends favorable, now is an ideal time to explore proven methods to nurture practice growth with our Outside In quartet. Stay tuned for our next issue which will provide a conceptual overview and introduce the first solution to a strategic puzzle.

Thanks again for being a loyal reader of Practice Growth Insights and all you do to lead the way in Elevating the Profession.
Bruce Essman
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