Reduce window trimming time by 75% and leave behind a beautifully finished job.
ProVia's new MasterFit Trim is the solution.
September 15, 2015
Cut Your Window Trimming Time
Hand-trimming can take an hour per window, which is a huge drain on your time and your bottom line. Then, after all that work, leaving a homeowner with unfinished trim or stop strips can sabotage customer satisfaction – a scenario nobody wants.

Now you can trim in about 15 minutes per window and leave behind a beautifully finished job. ProVia's new MasterFitâ„¢ Trim is the solution.

Reduce Trimming Time by 75%
MasterFit Trim: Easy, Speedy
With ProVia's new MasterFit Trim, you simply snap together the two pieces of wood, forming a mortise and tenon joint which connects to the jamb.You can customize the jamb depth, and then you connect the casing to the jamb.

MasterFit Trim is available now on any ProVia window.

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Finish Off Your Windows
When homeowners spend a few hundred dollars per window for installation and casing, it can be disappointing when they're faced with the huge task of finishing casing or stop strips at the end of the job.

A completely finished job will thrill them with a long-lasting and beautiful finish, and will cost you less in time and labor. MasterFit Trim is available in 16 stain finishes and 16 paint colors. Now it's easy to finish off your windows.

Feel free to send me an email if you'd like to learn more about MasterFit Trim or order samples for your showroom.

Wanda Angel,
Door and Window Brand Manager | ProVia  Email | Website