November 2019
How to "Cut the Cord" on Cable
Tired of paying for hundreds of channels and only watching a select few? We have a solution! Say goodbye to high monthly cable bills and hello to taking control of only paying for shows you want to watch. Our solution packages a TV antenna with a TiVo EDGE for Antenna. The TV antenna allows you to pick up your local stations and the TiVo EDGE for Antenna allows you to receive your favorite TV shows and movies. You can DVR programs, and the App allows you to watch your favorites anytime, anywhere through your smart phone or laptop since it's compatible with Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Live Video, YouTube and so much more! 


Our packages begin at $775.00, which includes an omni-directional TV antenna a TiVo EDGE for Antenna and installation (wiring may be additional). By purchasing the antenna and TiVo EDGE box, you will avoid the monthly charges from your cable or satellite provider. Our customers see an immediate savings per month. By cutting the cord, they are usually able pay for this package in less than a year. You can add additional boxes for different rooms as needed.


Don't Forget!

Don't forget when canceling your cable, you will still need high speed internet in your home. We have router options available, depending on your needs. Purchasing a high-speed router would result in a monthly savings from renting their equipment, so you would just pay the provider for service only. This also results in money in your pocket. 

Contact us online or call  (804)379-1348 to find out more about how to "Cut the Cord" and start saving! 

Online Bill Pay Now Available!

We are pleased to offer the convenience of secure online bill payments to our customers! Visit our website at and choose "Customer Center" then "Pay Invoice" or click here.

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