A Note from Scott and Marsha
October 7, 2021
Let me introduce you to my neighbor, Leo. Isn't he so handsome? I have a funny story to share about Leo. We moved last November and it has taken some time to meet all of our neighbors. With a hectic schedule and Covid, time has not been on our side.  

Fortunately, Edison and Truman, our fluffy companions, have helped us meet everyone who is walking. The unfortunate part is the puppy stage as they have no manners and are usually as obnoxious as possible. We are doing our best, but both of them together breed chaos. I now understand when people say they raised their kids right the first go-around and then didn't sweat the small stuff by the third, fourth, and fifth kid. Chip was an angel. I trained him so well and he fell in line right with our kids. Now? I feel like a grandparent that is tired and needs to up my game a bit in the training department!  

Leo met our dogs one afternoon in our backyard when I was showing him and his mom our garden. Once again, Edison and Truman were obnoxious. Truman would NOT stop barking at Leo. And Leo sat there quietly growling while Truman could not even hear the cues over his own yapping. Leo could have eaten Truman as a snack. And Edison stood politely watching this interaction secretly hoping Truman would be eaten since Truman bullies him all the time!  

But back to Leo and his adorableness. My mom and I worked on sewing dog scarves a few weeks ago and I was heading to work Monday morning. (This is my stress relief hobby....sewing easy projects. AND taking up the entire downstairs area by spreading out material, thread, straight pins, scissors and all my sewing paraphernalia while I watch Scott twitch looking at the mess.) I slowed down in front of Leo's house to see if anyone might be outside, but all was quiet. I wanted to give Leo a scarf.  

As soon as I rounded the corner out of the neighborhood, I spotted Leo and his mom. Perfect timing--as Leo was out taking her for a walk. I stopped at the Tobacco Trail crossing and said, "I have something for Leo!"   

Leo hustled over immediately thinking it might be a treat but was equally pleased with his new scarf for the fall season. We tried a couple sizes on him and found the one that fit best. Leo was totally embracing this activity. However, his mom was not. She wanted to buy it and for a split second, I thought I was going to have to "throw down" in the middle of the road to convince her to take the gift! It was so cute and I appreciated her generosity, but I really wanted Leo to have the pumpkins!  Doesn't he look adorable and oh-so-handsome? (Insert dreamy eyes here.)  

Dog scarves aren't green but they are equally as fun because well, who doesn't love a pup in a cute scarf??? And who doesn't love a cute pup with a pumpkin scarf posing with a pumpkin patch? We literally have thought of everything. I just need to work on my pumpkin spice latte for The Potting Shed but well, that's just another random idea I have and need to win Scott over about. But maybe that is for another day and story.  
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Meet Lindsay Valdez!
Role: FGS Plant Coach and Floral Arranging Guru
Started at FGS: November 2020
Ice Cream: Chocolate
Favorite TV Show: Schitt's Creek
Last Book Read: Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz
Plant: Any plant that trails
Food: Pizza
Restaurant: M. Sushi

Lindsay is the fun-loving cutie at the cash register who always has a smile on her face. Her bubbly personality makes her perfect for interacting with customers, whether she is ringing up their sale or teaching them how to create beautiful floral designs. She teaches multiple floral design classes, so sign up for one if you want to be dazzled! Lindsay has quite the artistic touch and also creates and sells jewelry for her personal business, Sweet Serendipity!
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This post is worth a re-share if you missed it last week! October is officially here and there is plenty to do in the lawn and garden over the next few weeks. Plant bulbs, dig up blubs, divide perennials, plant your cold season veggies and give your lawn some love. For more details and tips,
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