Karma Coach Newsletter | Mid June 2021
Time For Change
Right now we're all being asked to get out of our comfort zones, not only physically and emotionally but also mentally.

The new age that's coming demands a new way of thinking so our imagination needs to be allowed to take flight.

So let's find ways to be creative and think outside the box. Do things we've never tried before. Learn new skills and talk to new high-frequency people - join like-minded groups online or in person and have fresh conversations. Even if we're restricted physically, our mind has no limits.

This issue offers glimpses into an exciting new future and support with letting go of old ties, or re-making them in a healthier way, so that we can fly free and realise our soul potential.

I hope you enjoy it

Nikki Wyatt - The Karma Coach

PS I've one coaching place available if you'd like to start in the next couple of weeks. Please note Spirit of Transformation is closed for the first half of August.

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Reader Offer - 50% Off Essence Guidance
50% Off Personal Essence Guidance
Unsure what you need? People often say they can't decide between two blends or they may look at a range and think: 'I need them all!'.

Guidance Offer until Saturday July 3: order half price personal guidance, normally 15 GBP, to find out which of the 65 Spirit of Transformation blends is most resonant for you now. 

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This guidance offer is only open to readers. If you're not on the mailing list please opt in and get your free soul flower reading here

'Nikki shares her wonderful knowledge with integrity and wisdom. Her presence is transmitted through the website even though I haven’t met her I feel her connection and spirit. I wholeheartedly recommend Nikki - I know her presence in your life will enrich yours as it has mine' Mel Sutton Meditation For Writers and Yoga teacher. Health Coach. South London

PS the free gift offer for UK bottle orders will continue while stocks last
From Dependency to Inter-Dependency - Bach to Basics
Do you over-give to the point of burnout? Are you focused on others' needs to the detriment of your own? Are you aware of an inner emptiness?

One of the most destructive patterns we learn when we're young is to people-please and to use giving as a way of bartering to get our needs met - however unconsciously.

Whether you learned to put your own needs last, or you project them onto others, here are some remedy suggestions below to help:

Chicory - some of us were asked do take on more responsibility than was appropriate when we were young. We may not have had a listening ear and a reassuring presence when we needed it. Instead the roles may have been reversed - perhaps we had to comfort young siblings or even our parents. so we got used to one-way relationships and didn't learn to receive..

If you grow up prized for your caring nature it can become a way to get love and approval. You can make yourself indispensable and constantly look after others or offer advice in the unconscious hope of gaining recognition, influence and attention. One way to know if you're in this pattern can be to notice if you feel resentful when what you're giving isn't appreciated or acknowledged.

By making others dependent on you it calms your fear of loss. We all fear abandonment by those we love - it's perfectly natural - but if it means that those around us feel controlled or their own sense of identity and power is weakened, then it's time to break the pattern.

As you take Chicory you'll understand that everyone has to follow their own path and you'll feel comfortable with someone choosing to be with you or not, without you needing to provide obvious benefits to keep them close. You'll still be a caring and comforting presence but you'll also look after your own needs, so the void inside is filled by you.

Order Chicory as an individual remedy or, if this is a lifelong pattern, try the Karmic essence for this Bach remedy group, Wild Iris

Heather - is another essence that's useful when there was inadequate emotional nurture when we were young. We all know Heather as a temporary state when life gets on top of us and we need a listening ear or we're unwell, so we're dependent on others.

However, if you were left alone too much as a child and you haven't healed that wound, the need for attention as an adult may be a long-term pattern that will be draining for others to be around.

Sometimes we try to cover up this need by being quite full of ourselves and appearing to cope particularly well, but deep down we long for affection and company and empaths can often this.
As you take Heather you can detach from your own concerns and find the patience to listen to others. You develop empathy and realise that others have their own problems. You'll be able to connect to your inner guidance and draw energy from that instead of other people.

Order Heather as an individual remedy or, if this is a long-standing pattern, try the Karmic essence for this Bach remedy group, Waterlily

Red Chestnut - is a wonderful essence to take when we worry too much about the wellbeing of others. You may be hugely empathic and easily feel the emotions of others or even experience their physical symptoms.

Since your concerns are often your own fears projected onto others, this pattern can come with the gift of finding it easy to send your energy over distances and perform remote healing or remote viewing, for example.

The downside of this level of empathy can be that you don't know where you end and other people begin and your concern becomes a burden to them. You can lose yourself in relationships and become over-involved in the lives of others to the detriment of following your own path.

Red Chestnut is an excellent essence to reach for when you need to cut ties with someone or something, including an addiction. It doesn't mean you won't care any more, simply that your connection will be at a higher level where you have faith that everything will work out, so you no longer need to worry.

It's a useful essence for carers and therapists to keep a healthy relationship with patients and clients.

Order Red Chestnut as an individual remedy or, if this is a deep-rooted pattern, try the Karmic essence for this Bach remedy group, Pink Rose

You can put any of the above remedies in a blend of up to 8 Bach remedies. You'll find a list of all 38 remedies on this page where you can choose Your Bach Blend - this qualifies for a free gift for UK readers while stocks last


Select 10 x Bach Remedies from Crystal Herbs and make up your own combinations. Available in 10 ml and 25 ml bottles.


A coaching session can include a prescription for Bach remedies as well as other essences (essence costs aren't included in coaching fees)
Jump Shift in Consciousness - Diana Cooper Thursday June 24
Diana Cooper has worked with Archangels and Ascended Masters for much of her life. Her book Birthing a New Civilisation predicts the evolution of the Earth into the Golden Age.

The book includes a description of the opening of new chakras in the Earth as well as the specific karmic cleansing happening in each country and how that will play out. Spoiler alert: Finland is the place to be:)

The chakra that has now opened in York, which is bathing the Yorkshire dales, emits energy that I've personally experienced.

Jump Shift Online Event - 24 June 7- 8pm UK time

During this Jump Shift event on the full moon you'll be conducted through the Two Way Interdimensional Portal of Stonehenge into a liquid gold Ascension Lift. 

This will super charge you with special energy to prepare you for the next part of your ascension jump shift. 

You'il be taken to the higher Cosmic Heart, where you'll receive an attunement to the Order of Ascension Lights for Earth. 

This attunement will illuminate the codes you accepted before you came into this incarnation as one who will help this planet ascend graciously into the glorious Golden Age that's now emerging from the mists of the future.

Need essence help? Try Crystal Herbs Angelic Support - Crossing Dimensions blend
Solstice Events & Healing Opportunities
Summer Solstice - June 21
If you'd like to watch the sunrise behind the Heel Stone of Stonehenge on June 21, you can do so in person or online this year.

Jon Mason will be holding a solstice event on 21 June 7-8pm UK time to mark our connection to the Light, the Earth and the Sun.

Metatronic Healing - Free Energetic Interventions
Metatronic healers Richard Farmer and Clare Glennon are offering free online sessions designed to support you during the current viral challenge on June 16 & July 12 at 8pm UTC.

Please book, even though no payment's required, so they can send you joining details.

Booking closes several hours before the start of each session.

Healing Your Tree of Life sessions: These can be taken singly or as a series of three. Second session July 1 at 8pm.

Try Mer-Ka-Ba Lightbody essence attuned to Metatron. Use with caution.
From Holding On to Setting Yourself Free - Reader Offers
Do you find it hard to let go of people and things you love? Are you prompted to make a change but finding it hard to follow through?

At times we all get attached to our life as it is, cruising along in a lane marked comfort zone, scared to try a different route until we're forced to by a road block or a breakdown.

Right now this may apply only to one area of your life. Maybe you've been considering a new way of eating or exercising or moving house or developing a business or starting or ending a relationship.

Whatever it is, change demands that we release our attachment to how things have been and this can bring up fear and resistance. This may show itself as self-sabotage, illness, procrastination and feelings of doubt and guilt. Those around us may go into patterns of dependence, suddenly needing our help much more than usual. This is usually a reflection of our own neediness to show us the ties that we need to either release or renegotiate in healthier, more inter-dependent way.

Cleavers is also known as Stickyweed, because it sticks to everything. This doctrine of signature shows how it helps us to release attachments that keep us stuck and slow us down.

It's an excellent essence if you're in a co-dependent relationship with a person, your work, food, drink, phone, TV or anything that you use to fulfil your emotional needs in an unhealthy or inappropriate way. Whether you're aware of manipulating others or you're being invited on guilt trips by others, this is a great choice.

You'll find Cleavers in the Spirit of Transformation Planetary blend Scorpio-Pluto. I don't sell single essences but you can order Cleavers flower essence on its own from Crystal Herbs, using the code below for the discount.

Reader offer: This issue I've negotiated 20% off for readers on Cleavers and the other essences and sprays below, which felt particularly helpful at this time.

  • Cleavers flower essence - releases patterns of possessiveness and unhealthy attachment. As this is a single essence, it can be used alongside the spray below or Bach's Revival Remedy, at least 20 mins apart.
  • Heart Connection Spray - this spray brings you back into connection with your heart, allowing you to let your guard down and open to connecting deeply with others. It releases emotional pain and helps you experience your true, loving self.
  • Letting Go of Emotional Attachment & Cutting Ties Theme - Crystal Herbs have now grouped essences that help with common challenges so this issue I've negotiated a discount on the theme of intuition. You can browse the various essences suggested including inner child, flowers and archangels to see which speak to you. Just put in the code below for the discount on anything that appears on the theme page.
  • Revival Remedy - this is the multi-purpose Bach remedy blend for stress or anxiety, whether that's arising from external circumstances or because you're clearing with other essences or therapy. Take it as often as you need until you feel calm. It can be used alongside the essences above, as it's a blend of five Bach remedies - just take it 20 minutes apart from the sprays or blends above.

NB Sprays are available unscented or with a delicate rose-water fragrance. They can be used to mist a space or your own energy field or screw the top off and take as if it were an essence blend.

Reader Offer & Code
This issue readers get 20% off each of the above sprays and essences. Simply use the following code at checkout: karmacoach (it's not case-sensitive).You can also add other items to your basket.

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Living and Loving in 2021
In this 16 minute video astrologer Pam Gregory questions the Pleiadians channeled by Bracha Goldsmith on what's coming up through this year. It includes:

  • the best way to invest your savings in these uncertain times
  • creativity around how to live and love will become very important
  • the role of the virus and its teachings
  • why so many people wanted change
  • the significance of face masks
  • the importance of cleaning up our thoughts and judgements
  • how we will become more authentic and trusting

Trauma & the Spiritual Journey - Peter Levine Saturday 26 June
When physical threats arise, our instincts take over and can create extraordinary feats of focused attention and action. The 'awe-full' qualities of terror we can experience at such times share roots with deeply transformative states such as flow, awe, presence, timelessness, and ecstasy as they go far beyond the limiting mind.

The bridging of these states with everyday awareness can be a key feature of spiritual expansion. It can promote the experience of timelessness and presence, sometimes referred to in meditation systems as the eternal now.

Trauma stands in the way of this integration by locking us in 'freeze' mode and inhibiting the activation that gives us access to the 'fight or flight' energised states.

As we bring awareness to our wounds and gradually access and integrate this frozen energy into our nervous system and psychic structures, we begin to experience greater freedom, expansion, and connection to our true selves.

This online program is suitable for therapists, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking for an experiential somatic understanding of the relationship between traumatic imprint and the spiritual journey. It will include didactic lecture, somatic exploration exercises and Q & A.

Visit Peter's website The Ergos Insitute of Somatic Education for interviews, books, articles, videos and events about how to deal with trauma held in the body. You can also find a local practitioner.

Need essence help? Try Karmic Grief & Trauma essence - UK orders attract a free gift while stocks last
Free Tarot Reading
This link gives you a free tarot reading for today.

Get settled, focus within, reveal the cards and see how your day unfolds.

Neal's Yard - 3 for 2 Men's Products & New Wild Rose Range
New Wild Rose Beauty Range
The incredibly popular Wild Rose Beauty Balm has now been joined by a wider family.

All the new products use organic rosehip oil that sinks into the skin with nourishing ease, leaving it soft, radiant and moisturised. The new range includes:

'I've been using the AHA Toner for about 10 days and can FEEL how smooth my skin feels! It gives such a great base for applying moisturiser and make up' - Xenia Standbridge

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Free Webinar June 15 & Heart of Your Business June 29 - Pay From the Heart
Are you thinking of going full time in your business?

Or have you made the leap and now find you're struggling?

If either of these apply, you may enjoy Mark Silver's webinar on June 15 at 8.30pm UK time or 2.30 EST. If the timing doesn't suit you, register anyway and you'll be sent a recording.

The Heart of Your Business - Annual Nine Week Course - Pay From the Heart
How to ensure your business succeeds while enjoying a healthy, spirit-centered relationship with the marketplace.

The world's really hurting. Global business has helped to destroy the environment, undermine culture and family, and has left our hearts yearning for something very different.

Healthy, heart-centered business must be a part of the healing. Learning to do business from the heart is part of what can support us in creating the world differently. Here's what I want for you from this course, which runs once a year:

  • A true understanding of what business really is, and what it can be, so you can let go of fighting it and instead form a healthy, heart-centered relationship with being in business.
  • Clarity around how marketing really works, how relationships are formed, and the true purpose of marketing, so you can let go of painful or unethical practices and embrace marketing that feels good and can grow your business.
  • How to discern between “spiritual” and “business,” and what to do differently with each, so when you face challenges, you don’t get stuck focusing on the wrong issue.
  • A profound understanding of what it takes to make a business really work, so you can step out of the “maybe, someday” illusion and make an honest, grounded, realistic commitment to step forward.
  • An opening around money, and your relationship with it, so you can do the things you need to do to have healthy finances.

Read about the course and book - It's Pay From the Heart, so affordability isn't an issue.

'For years I've been looking for Heart of Business but didn’t even know it. There are so many expensive slick and ‘salesy’ approaches to business that turn me off. Heart Of Business programs are life-changing and affordable. I'm delighted to give this testimonial about somebody who's in integrity and ‘heart first’.
Laurel Brookes

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10% to 50% Jewellery Offer - Price Changes From June 21
Keep yourself in a healthy magnetic field with these magnetic and far infrared synergy bracelets and five pillars necklace.

They're soft and easy to wear, even when you're really active. Check measurements as they aren't adjustable. The Kanji characters on the necklace are the five pillars that Nikken feel need to be in balance for health: Family, Society, Finances, Body & Mind.

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Making light of it
'When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.' Chinese proverb

Try Feel Safe Amid Change essence
Investing in Growth

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With heartfelt thanks from me, my guides and Gaia.

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