November 2021 Newsletter
Feature Story: How Oculoplastics Saved a Burn Victim’s Eyelids

When Joe Cruz had a car accident in Northern California, burn marks left his face so devastated that he lost the ability to blink. When he met Dr. Sandy Zhang-Nunes, she gave him hope that she could recreate his eyelids.

Welcome New Faculty
Welcome New Faculty
Dr. Birah Mahato joined the USC Roski Eye Institute in November 2021. Dr. Mahato earned his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (Jadavpur University), India. Dr. Mahato has extensive expertise in diverse biological fields such as cellular reprogramming, stem cell biology, retinal regeneration, and mitochondrial biology.
Dr. Mansour Rahimi joined the USC Roski Eye Institute in November 2021. Dr. Rahimi graduated from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and then served as vitreoretinal surgeon, associate professor of ophthalmology, and researcher in Iran. His research focuses on ocular imaging to study pathophysiology and improve diagnostic evaluation of ocular and systemic diseases.

Awards and Grants
Mark Humayun, MD, PhD, received the Charles L. Schepens, MD/AAO Award and Lectureship. The award recognizes a visionary scientist who has contributed new knowledge of the visual process of vitreoretinal diseases and/or has made special contributions to prevent and decrease blindness.
Award Date: Friday, November 12, 2021, AAO New Orleans, LA

Media Mentions
Associated Press featured a story about J. Martin Heur, MD, PhD, being named Associate Medical Director for the OneLegacy Eye Bank.

Ophthalmology Times featured a story about the research of Jesse Berry, MD, concerning bilateral retinoblastoma (RB) tumors.

Faculty Publications
Since November 1, 2021, our faculty have published 22 papers. Eligible publications included those that were e-published in November.

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