Hi, everyone,

I’ve included another of my weekly videos, so I’ll keep this portion of my message brief.


This coming weekend is the first leg of our 2020 Spring Triple Crown Series and, as you’ll see below there are several options, including one with a Mother’s Day theme. Here are some other bonuses to the overall Triple Crown series:

1.    Each leg will feature a 2 mile and 5K option and a theme twist, like a King and Queen of the Mountain (based on age groups) for the Memorial Day Weekend leg.  

2.    If you choose to do the “Triple Dare” (5K, 10K & 15K), I will have a longer distance option over the three legs (5K this week, 10K option next leg and 15K option on the last leg). Run all three distances and you’ve completed the “Triple Dare” within the Triple Crown!

3.    At the end of the Triple Crown we will also have awards for those of you who improved the most in the 2 mile or 5K courses over the three legs (those of you who choose to run the same course each leg).

4.    And, as one final incentive, I’ll have a special shirt to all of you who complete all three legs of the Triple Crown. 

The goal of this is to have some fun competition in a somewhat structured arena, while remaining safe in this new world of social distancing. I do hope you will participate but, if not, please keep on running or walking for the health and fun of it!

**And, in keeping with local races, please donate to one of the following three not-for-profit causes:

1.    Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE)

2.    Hospice of the Piedmont

3.    SARA 

A great big Happy Birthday to our Jen H., who turns the BIG 50 this Wednesday!

I’m missing you!

Hugs and high fives to all of you,

Coach Mark

962-1694 (text) 

@coachzoni (Twitter)        


*Speedsters = 20-30 total miles or more 


A.   Those “racing” in the first leg of the Triple Crown over the weekend = 12 x 20 second flat surface pickup surges with a very slow 40-60 second recovery in between each. Run the surges at 110% of 10 mile pace or faster but no all-out sprinting!   

B.   Those not racing = 6 x half mile on a flat section of road or on one of the community tracks (attached) with a slow 3 minute recovery in between each half mile. Run the half miles in three sets of two. Run the first set at 103-105% of 10 mile pace and then get faster with each set. 


First leg of the Spring Triple Crown Series with four course options (I’ll send out the four course maps this week): 1. UVa course (see map…same as three weeks ago) 2. Downtown (pretty fast course…see map) 3. Whitehall (also pretty fast…see map) 4. Riverview (see map)

Each of these courses has a 2 mile or 5K component to it (either distance counts towards your Triple Crown).

And, this weekend, there are two ways to earn your first of your three Triple Crown points:

1.    Mother’s Day Weekend option = run or walk the 2 miles or 5K together with (or virtually) your mother or daughter and you’ve earned your point. As an extra incentive, to see how you stand with the rest of the “competition”, combine your ages (see combined age group categories below) and combine your times together and see how well you do. I’d love to have you text me your combined ages, times and a photo. Free sticky wallet to those who text me this!                                                                                               ***Combined Age Categories (combined Mother and Daughter’s ages added together). So, 30-39 would be the combined ages of mom, who may be 30 and daughter, who may be 7: 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100-109, 110-119, 120-129, 130-139


2.    Race alone, with a household member or with a socially distanced friend one of the 2 mile or 5K courses (or your own home course) and you’ve earned your first point! The “downtown” course is of particular interest, as it’s pretty fast. See where you’re currently at and then, in three weeks, see if you can run the same course even faster.

***And I ask that you PLEASE consider donating to one of my three suggested local not-for-profit causes.

Not interested in the Triple Crown series? Then go for a long and relaxed AHR run.