April 26, 2020

Hi, everyone,

I’ve included a video message, since, I’ve missed talking to you each week. So, I’ll keep my message very brief and just include the workouts for this week.





Since it looks like we’re in this for the long haul, I’m going to offer you, what I hope you will find to be, a creative set of race options every three weeks over the next two months. 

And, as a way to add some spunk to it and to have some fun, I’ll be calling this our “Triple Crown Spring Series”, with all kinds of race options and incentives and bonuses. And of course, having some fun, with safe social distancing, will be our primary goals.

Stay tuned for more details but, for now here’s the schedule, so you can mark your calendars:

*May 9-11, with one of the race options having a Mother’s Day theme. 

*May 29-31, with one of the race options having a Memorial Day theme, even though Memorial Day was actually a few days earlier.

*June 19-21, with two of the options having a Father’s Day theme and a Bruce Barnes Mile theme.    

**Those looking to race the “rescheduled” Boston Marathon in September, assuming they have it, should be running in the 25-30 mile week range at this point, with a long run in the 9-10 range. All at AHR! 

Happy Birthday to Jenny (4/29) and Suzanna T. (4/30)! 

Be safe and please take a few moments to watch my brief video message to you (attached).

With a virtual hug and high five,

Coach Mark

434-962-1694 (text) 

Here’s what I have for this week, for those of you still looking to “workout”. 


“Half Mile Hilly Circuits”

Find a half mile hilly loop, like the one we have at Cameron and Bollingwood, and run each loop like a fartlek, where you treat the uphills like the “hards” and the downhills like the “easys”. So, surge the ascents and run active recoveries on the descents, using the downhills as a way to get your breathing back to a semi-aerobic rhythm. Run the loop a total of 5-6 times and try to make each loop slightly faster than the previous one. So, it’s in your best interest to go out slower, not only as a means of warming up but also to give you some room to improve as you proceed with the workout. Focus on form for the ascents, as you use your arms and core to lift your knees and drive up. 


Every Saturday I’ll be offering two options: A. a longer AHR run or B. a workout 

A.   Longer AHR run…for most of you this is probably currently in the 8-12 mile range. Keep it very, very relaxed. Find a flatter course as you ran a hilly workout on Wednesday.

B.   3 x 1.5 miles. Find a flatter 1.5 mile section of road or, better yet, a flatter loop. Run the first 1.5 miler at 98-100% of 10 miler pace or 104-106% of MP. Try to get faster with each 1.5 miler. Take a slow 3-4 minute recovery in between each. If you end up running this on a 1.5 mile section (non-looped) of road, simply run it one direction, then, after your recovery, run it back in the opposite direction.